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Understanding The New Powerful Technology- Crispr Cas9


A revolutionary technology CRISPR-Cas9 is the talk of the scientific world at the moment. It is being considered as a revolutionary technology that will finally help scientists to edit and transform t...   Read More

Posted by GAIRIKA BHATTACHARYA on Mon, 12 Sep 2016     


Facial Features are Determined by Genes


Genes play a great role in framing character such as decision making and self control but recent studies suggest that genes are involved in the development of facial features and facial abnormalities....   Read More

Posted by kanigenetics26 on Mon, 12 Sep 2016     


Tips to Ease Back Pain


Back pain is the most common ailment that affects almost everyone at some point in their lives. Pain in the back may be linked to ligaments around the spine, nerves, spinal cords and the skin around t...   Read More

Posted by kanigenetics26 on Thu, 08 Sep 2016     


Is Your Body Weight Ideal For Your Height?


Weight is an important criteria to assess the growth and developmental status of the child. Among Indian children, the weight of a full term neonate at birth is approximately 2.5 kg to 3.5 kg. Increas...   Read More

Posted by kanigenetics26 on Wed, 07 Sep 2016     


Enhancing Life With Cystic Fibrosis-Genetic Disease


Cystic Fibrosis (CF) is an autosomal recessive genetic disease that affects the respiratory , digestive and reproductive system caused by Cystic Fibrosis Transmembrane conductance Regulator (CFTR ) ge...   Read More

Posted by kanigenetics26 on Tue, 06 Sep 2016     


Pancreatic Cancer - Know it, Battle it, End it


Pancreatic cancer is the 11th most common cancer in men and 9th in women globally. Pancreatic cancer is sometimes known as “Silent Killer” because it does not cause any symptoms in the early stages. P...   Read More

Posted by kanigenetics26 on Sat, 03 Sep 2016     


Why Growing Kids Should Necessarily have Balanced Diet and Dietary Habits?


There is an old saying that “a good building needs a strong foundation”. This holds true for the initial phase or the growing phase of an individual’s life too. This growing age is the foundation upon...   Read More

Posted by kritiranjan on Fri, 02 Sep 2016     


Be Aware Of Hepatitis C Virus


Hepatitis C is a contagious disease caused by hepatitis C virus (HCV). Hepatitis C is the leading cause of liver cancer. It is the most common blood borne disease. HCV is 10 times more infectious than...   Read More

Posted by kanigenetics26 on Fri, 02 Sep 2016     


Obesity - General Information to Patient Guide


Now-a- days, it’s your lifestyle and food habit that makes you for gaining weight. Obesity is nothing but too much fat present in your body. It is measured by Body mass index (BMI). In most of the cas...   Read More

Posted by mushakhter on Thu, 01 Sep 2016     


Sickle Cell Disease - Understanding the Genetic Disorder


Sickle cell anemia is a genetic disease that is present from birth. It is caused by a mutation in the hemoglobin-beta gene located on chromosome 11. SCD is not contagious but is a genetic disorder. (C...   Read More

Posted by kanigenetics26 on Wed, 31 Aug 2016     


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