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AIDS/HIV - Common Opportunistic Infections

HIV weakens the immune system, increasing the individual’s vulnerability to several opportunistic infections. These OIs may also indicate the progression into the AIDS stage of the infection. Common OIs are Kaposi’s sarcoma, Candidiasis, Cytomegalovirus, Herpes simplex virus, TB, malaria, MAC, and pneumocystis pneumonia (PCP).

At our support group, learn how to prevent these opportunistic infections, or if infected, the best ways to manage them. Interact with other patients facing the threat of OIs and also with doctors who will give you trusted medical advice.


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Asked By : lilant0500

Asked on : 18 Feb 2011   

Hello, I have a quick question. 48 hours ago I had a sexual encounter with a guy (I am gay). He told me he was negative but after we fooled around, he told me he's positive. I said "no your not" an he reaches in his bag and pulls out his altrla(spelled incorrectly) and I was shocked. All we did was he did oral sex to me, I didn't give him oral, we didnt kiss, but he did put his dick in my anus just the head for less that 2 minutes. Then I put the top of my head in him for less than two minutes. Both of us didn't ejaculate or penetrated. I went to the clinic the next day told them my story and they said they couldn't give me the npep because I guess since he wasn't in me all the way an penetrate. I am very stressed and scared. I'm 20 years old.

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