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Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS), caused by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), is a disease which destroys the immune system and makes the affected person vulnerable to opportunistic infections and tumors. There is no cure for AIDS, but modern multi-drug therapies have been successful in helping people with AIDS manage the disease.

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Asked By : kurdharaja

Asked on : 24 Nov 2012   

I had sex with anal (top) with a gay, during intercourse my condom blasted i realize after 8 strokes. after 42days , 62days I tested tridot result negative, and my partner tested 55th day It is also negative still I have fear pls tell me shall i get Hiv?

Asked By : Vamesh

Asked on : 26 Jul 2012   

I am a 39 year old male in India. A day back, I decided to opt for a full body massage from a male. I also had a big pimple burst on my back a day back and it was not completely healed. He massaged my back and then during the massage, the massuer licked my anus deeply with his tongue going in and also inserted his finger. I sucked his testicles and then after he also put on a condom I sucked him for a couple of minutes, though he did not ejaculate. He then proceed to suck my penis, after I put on a condom and finished with me ejaculating in his mouth.

I am now very worried about hiv transmission due to the analingus and on asking the masseur, he was not ready to comment on his hiv status. He only said that he frequently provides sexual services to his clients. I am very worried now. Am I at a risk of hiv transmission?

Asked By : jeson

Asked on : 06 Aug 2012   

i have a hair cut(by scissor) in salon, at that time i feel a bit of pain in my neck then i noticed the hairdresser made a tiny cut.When i asked him about the scissor he told me that he already used it on several custmars(not sterilised) and the last person left salon 15 mins ago, so roughly the time interval between me and his last custmar was 15 mins.i know HIV virus can't survive for a long time outside the human body but i'm very afraid, please advice me sir/madam what should i do now??

Asked By : niksn

Asked on : 27 Jul 2012   

I had sex with a girl . While doing sex I saw that there was blood INSIDE my condom . I checked it twice , there was no tearing of condom . Immediately I removed my condom and threw it. Now I want to ask the risk of HIV that I can get as the risk is more in case of blood. Is there any possibility of HIV if that blood came into my contact of bloodstream?

Asked By : lexiboo

Asked on : 28 Mar 2012   

im a lesbian , can i get and STI if i have sex with my girlfriend? Also , can i pass and SYI to her if i am a virgin and vice versa , we are both virgins , but i still want to be safe .

Asked By : Anonymous

Asked on : 18 Mar 2012   

Hi! I am 40 yrs old I'm having fever and colds more than 2 weeks now, having diarrhea for 3 days,feeling weak and I feel something like butterfly in my stomach and night sweats. Please let me know if this could be a symptoms of HIV?

Asked By : Anonymous

Asked on : 09 Mar 2012   

Hi, I need advice please.
I recently used a public toilet and when i wiped myself I noticed the tissue was wet. I looked at the roll I had used and it had previously dropped down the toilet. I know the chances are remote but I worry that It had been dropped down the toilet by a HIV+ lady while she was menustrating.
Could you answer a few questions for me please
a) Could my mucous membrane absorb the virus with one wipe (I have thrush so slightly enflamed down below)?
b) Would the water in the toilet be able to dilute the virus at all, thus making it less infectious?
c) Do I need a test?
Ive read you cant catch HIV through environmental surfaces but I dont Know If this includes wiping them on a mucous membrane!
Thankyou in advance for your time

Asked By : Sairam6

Asked on : 14 Mar 2012   

I'm 30 yrs from Hyderabad, I got HIV + and Hepatitis. Cd4 count is 44 only. Not able to move out side because of deep depression after starting ART Medication. Most of the times vomiting sensation, Vomiting some times and sleep less nights bcoz of anxiety. Always wants to die because of depression. No one knows about this in my family.
Please suggest me live or die...

Asked By : alsham2k

Asked on : 10 Mar 2012   

Few days ago was fingering a girl and then when we finished, i realized that i had a Non bleeding hangnail...it was the shining layer of skin...
What are the chances of getting HIV or Hepatitas from such a wound?

Asked By : ratheesh1979

Asked on : 20 Feb 2012   

had an unprotected oral sex with a Indonesian girl , she sucked my penis almost 2 minuts , and after the semen come out i saw some blood included with semen , she told me not from her mouth, after i checked my penis again i saw one small cut under the penis head , suddenly i cleaned there

now i scared about HIV and other STD ? please advise ??

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