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Children’s health and parenting :

Babies and children need special care from adults if they are to grow up healthy, happy, and as productive citizens. And parenting them is by no means, easy. Parents need to be on their toes right from when their little baby is born…with challenges ranging from newborn care and vaccinations to a healthy diet.

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Asked By : sreekanth1980

Asked on : 18 Jan 2013   

My son of 5 months has been administered all vaccines as per the vaccination chart given by doctors at his birth till date.Now there is a goverment polio programme scheduled in the city.Should i stick to the chart given or should this extra polio dose be taken.

Kindly advice

Asked By : Hem_Joshi

Asked on : 10 Mar 2013   

I have a daughter, she is 13 months old, but still she is not able to balance her head, not able to make eye contact, even not able to change her position. I am afraid if she is suffering from autism. What should i do?

Asked By : Rudrani

Asked on : 28 Oct 2012   

my daughter was born on 6th august 2012.she had some complication while the time of her birth.she was kept on NICU for 12 days for breathing problem and caeser problem. doctor have prescribe her with phenobarbitone medicine for three month.I am very worried about her future as she is very young.i have herd the children with phenobarbitone cae abnormal .Is it true or please suggest me what i can do to prevent this kind of problem.

Asked By : vinodbhamrev

Asked on : 15 Jul 2012   

my baby girl is just one and half year old. she does not take any food except her mother feed. please advise me a good medicine by which i can increase her hunger.

Asked By : Ali_xpire

Asked on : 28 Oct 2011   

my son is 14months old he born with disease Pierre robin syndrome.there is a hole in his mouth upper roof.please tell me there is any treatment to fill it or the surgery is only way

Asked By : chahat_chanda

Asked on : 04 Apr 2011   

are hyperactive kids mentally retarted?can they lead a normal life?

Asked By : chahat_chanda

Asked on : 04 Apr 2011   

my son is 3nhalf doesnt speak except do oye n shouting and he is hyperactive kid cant control him at times specially in public please suggest

Asked By : selb23

Asked on : 18 Oct 2010   

my 11 month old baby girl has a temperature of 1o2...she having more teeth now but am wondering if it's normal for her fever to be that high when if its just her teeth....i just dont want it to be anything else especially dengue fever for its rising in our community ...thanks

Asked By : moin_948

Asked on : 01 Apr 2010   

how to concentrate on study

Asked By : rohini1974

Asked on : 07 Feb 2010   

my neice is almost 4 years old n cannot speak,is there any herbal medicine which i can try on her.she can say byeee and a few other words only otherwise she doesnot speak,already seen doc,says she will take time to speak but her parents are really worried

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