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Infectious Diseases :
Dengue / Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever / Dengue Shock Syndrome

Dengue and dengue hemorrhagic fever are illness caused by a viral infection that spreads through the bite of the Aedes mosquito. The main symptoms are fever, headache, pain behind the eyes, muscle and joint pain and rash. Sometimes there may be bloody diarrhea or vomiting, and bleeding from mucous membranes and the gums.

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Asked By : Anonymous

Asked on : 04 Dec 2012   

My son 20 Years old had a fever 45 Days back. From the Very first day he was under medical observation and tested for Malaria,Dengue & Typhoid etc. The symptoms were only fever with mild weakness no vomitings, no blood from nose / teeth gums. All tests are negative Except Igg Antibodies in Dengue test shown Weak Positive.
During 4 Days the platelets have came down to 68,000 from 1,38,000.He was Treated with Cephodoxime, Doxy Cycline, Rt Nate etc and after 10 days his platelet count was 201,000.
Again after one month he got vomitings,Loose Motions and fever for 2 Days.We again done CBP & LFT &HSBAg.
CBP Revealed platelet count 130000 and remaining all are well with in stipulated limits.
LFT revealed SGPT(Alt) 102 IU/L and remaining all are well with in the
stipulated limits.
HSbAg is negative.
Present symptoms are mild weakness. I would like to know the reason for the second time fever with vomitings and Medication for the Same

Asked By : prasantkitu

Asked on : 18 Oct 2012   

my daughter aged about 6 years is having dengue IgG +ve, what should I do, is it dangerous? i am living in Brahmapur, Odisha

Asked By : mr_sinha

Asked on : 29 Sep 2012   

My daughter has been diagnosed with dengu with Dengue antigen test coming positive. The platelate count was 285 on 26th sep , 215 on 28th sep and 212 on 29th sep. It has been 7th days she is having continuous fever which goes up to 103 F and after a dose of Calpol 650 it comes down to 100-101. Doctor says the fever will subside in another 2-3 days and there is no need to panic as the platelate counts comes down in the first 4-5 days of the onset and afterwards it does not get affected much . What is your opinion and what should we do next?

Asked By : gaurav044

Asked on : 02 Sep 2011   

sir, my one friend had suffered from dengue one year ago....but after the treatment she still have pain in her legs, have a lot of weakness, pain in stomach.....and dr. said this happens because of Dengue.....so sir what she have to do to get a relief from this pain , inculcate fever, weaknesss, heavy bleeding, aching, excess pain in legs????? sir plz tell me this is my humble request, i cannot see her into a pain....

Asked By : cneerumalla

Asked on : 02 Sep 2011   

Which Antibiotics are better in high fevers of dengu

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