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Genetic and Metabolic :
Down syndrome / Birth Defects - Genetic

Down syndrome is a genetic condition that arises due to an extra copy of all or part of chromosome 21. Though Down syndrome cannot be cured and comes with a host of medical issues, people with the syndrome learn several skills during their lifetime. With proper medication, diet, training and care, many of them are capable of becoming independent and leading a normal life. With early health intervention, some individuals with Down syndrome are now capable of going for jobs and fending for themselves.

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1. Which doctor should I consult if I suspect my child to be a case of Down syndrome?

You may consult a pediatrician.

2. To what extent is Alzheimers disease prevalent in Down Syndrome (DS)?

16-50% of DS individuals develop dementia associated with Alzheimer’s disease.

3. Why are Down syndrome children more leukemia prone?

DS children are more leukemia -prone because the trisomic cells have increased radio sensitivity and increased sensitivity to other environmental triggers. This is due to intracellular factors, such as enzyme levels.

4. Is iron in food safe for children with Down syndrome?

Yes it is. Although iron is present in the plaques that form in the brain of DS people, iron taken through normal diet is safe.

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