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Cancers :
Gastric Cancer / Cancer Of The Stomach

Gastric cancer (cancer of the stomach) is most often found in people over age 55. Statistics have shown that men are more susceptible than women, and black more than whites. In India, approximately 24,000 new cases of gastric cancer are diagnosed each year and about 700,000 new cases diagnosed worldwide. 

Medindia’s support group hosts additional information on this form of cancer, its prognosis and treatment options.


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Asked By : nagaraja1960

Asked on : 30 Oct 2012   

I am 52 years old and having gastric problems since 20 - 25 years. I have tried all kinds of medicines like Alopathy, Ayurvedic, Homeopathy etc., but no improvement. Main problem is whateve I eat, lot of gas gets produced in my stomach. I struggle to take this out in the morning by vomiting during face wash and I spend lot of time in the toilet to take this gas out. I have to go minimum twice or thrice to toilet in the morning to empty this gas and also once in the evening. I keep vomiting gas often during day time also to keep my stomach light. I feel hungry time to time and I take food minimum three times in a day and also a light snacks in the evening. I am totally fed up with this problem and feeling very bad. Please advice me a solution to come out of this problem and to get cured.

Asked By : srinidubai

Asked on : 07 Jun 2012   

im using antacid (pantop 40 mg since 5 yrs for gastric problem, is it good

Asked By : srinidubai

Asked on : 07 Jun 2012   

what is peminent solution for gastric problem?

Asked By : niksn

Asked on : 28 Oct 2011   

I want to discuss about my problem which I think is since from my birth . I am seriously suffering from gastric problem. This is not normal acidity which can be cured by taking any antacid or normal medicine.Whatever I eat or drink produces gas in my stomach. Even with empty stomach my problem remains the same.Because of this problem I smell so badly for whole time(24*7). Firstly I went to Homeopathy to cure this problem but no result come. After that I went to many other doctors and their medicines but they all say this is normal or mild hepatomegaly . I am 21yr old and I know THIS IS NOT NORMAL !!! . Sir I request to suggest something that I can do by any medicine or test. Is there any problem
that is related to anal sphincter ? Which scan should I do to find my problem. I am living in high tension. Also my ultrasound report is normal.
Thanks in advance.
NIK 21 yr MALE

Asked By : Tirupatireddy

Asked on : 02 Oct 2011   

My wife under went gastroctomy carcinoma.the post operation result was node +ve. Now my wife is suffering uneasy immediately after meals. She is also heart patient with 30% heart pumping. Is it due to cancer recurrence. Operation done in July 2010.

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