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Asked By : rmvv2222

Asked on : 12 Feb 2013   

i have side effects after using oflax oz i am female 40 years

how can i cure this sideeffects?

Asked By : rmvv2222

Asked on : 12 Feb 2013   

i have sideeffects after using oflax oz i am female 40 years

how can i cure this sideeffects?

Asked By : Anonymous

Asked on : 07 Mar 2013   

after completely defecating still some i defecate small quantity like sheep droplets involuntarily is it a disease i am 85 yrs how to avoid it

Asked By : Anonymous

Asked on : 11 Mar 2013   

This query I m raising on behalf of my Wife as she is suffering from deciese from last 4 years & we have goan through all tests like 2 times MRI ,audiology,ENT,B12,Thyrid all tests & all reports coming normal but she feels very un comfertable, not able to watch TV, not able to visit public places, 24-hours she fills that she is swinging. pls suggest your valueable suggestion.

Asked By : asruthi

Asked on : 02 May 2012   

hi , iam 22 years old , height 5.1 , weight 40kg . iam having the habit of eating slate pencils , i want to stop it but unable to stop it . can you tell me the problems caused by eating slate pencils ??? and iam having stomach pain is it caused by eating slates pencils ?

Asked By : Sandeep_HT

Asked on : 17 Jan 2013   

Respected sir, I am 21 years old and my height is 5.4 feet. For achieving my DREAM i have to be gain some more inches. I'm very nervous, Please help me. THANKS!

Asked By : pritishpushan

Asked on : 08 Jan 2013   

i am 21. every year during winters, the fingers of my leg swell. they become red and sometimes itch too. They get back normal after 10-15 days. Can i know the reason and cure for it?

Asked By : Anonymous

Asked on : 03 Jan 2013   

I have a pituatary tumor. I have been told that the spice known as " Turminic ", has been found to actually help in the treatment of tumors. Is this true, and what brand would be the best to buy? Thanks.

Asked By : kartick48

Asked on : 11 Nov 2012   

cheap alternateve madician of zyven od plus 50

Asked By : K0THARE

Asked on : 26 Nov 2012   

REF:Regorafenib - API - Patented? If not:
1st: Who are the manufacturers?
2nd: What is the export-price US $ FOB
3rd: What are the payment-terms?

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