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Impotence / Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction happens when a man is not able to have or maintain an erection as much as he or his partner wants.

If you want to know more about this problem and how it can be treated, join this online support group for erectile dysfunction. You will meet doctors and others dealing with this problem.


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Asked By : Atul_bhardwaj

Asked on : 23 Jan 2013   

does neotraxete effect sexually affortness or eraction disfunction

Asked By : Atul_bhardwaj

Asked on : 23 Jan 2013   

Does neotraxte 2.5 tablet effect my sexually potential because recently some days i m facing eraction disfunction during the intercourse with my partner and not capable to do sex successfully


Asked on : 26 Jan 2013   

Where can I get ED topical creams in India?

Asked By : josephpo

Asked on : 01 Feb 2013   

I am 67yrs old , from some weeks my penis is not erecting and before that my semen was very hot, is this any symptom of prostate problem?

Asked By : bhasweth

Asked on : 21 Aug 2012   

physical imcompatibility is curable or not,what is impotency,can it be confirmed before physical sexual act between male and female,can hypnotherapy be of any help,

Asked By : shaibatulhamd

Asked on : 26 Aug 2012   

Hello Doctor,
I am 60 years old and a diabetic since 2007. Since last 2 yrs, I am unable to have proper sex with my wife which causes lots of frustration to me. My wife is very understanding. Under advise of MP for diabetes i am taking Glucored plain twice a day. My sugar is slightly high post meal which varies between 180 - 210. My diet is controlled. Still I am not able to get proper erection. I have not consulted any doctor as i feel very embarrassed. I therefore feel through I may find a solution. Please advise. Regards.

Asked By : ferah

Asked on : 08 May 2012   

sexual problem:-when i am having sex with my girl friend during night / day:-..below are my problems.-
when i enter first in to the vagina of girl,it takes me 1-2 minutes to ejeculate their.
when i enter second time to the vagina of girl,it takes me 5-7 minutes to ejeculate their.
when i enter third time it takes me 10-15 minutes to ejeculate their.
NOW ,i want to know is it normal? and...

is their any medicine or exercise to stay long during first time?
plzzzz plzzz help me plzzz

Asked By : phimosis

Asked on : 25 Apr 2012   

Hey guys i am twenty two years old and i can not retract my foreskin at all.Below is the description :

a. when flaccid my foreskin completely covers the glans,with an extra bunch of foreskin which is reddish in color in contrast to the normal color of the foreskin which is black.

b. when flaccid and i pull my foreskin back ,the bunch of foreskin rolls down and gives pin hole view of my head and i feel no pain.The opening of the top whitish part is very small and hence it prevents the foreskin to go down deep.when i try very hard then around .5 cm of my head comes out as if it has been squeezed out. the whitish part of foreskin is approximately of two cm length.

c. the same is the condition when i am erect The only difference being that there is no cluster of skin at the top as it was in the flaccid condition, as the penis has grown in length.

d. In full erect condition my foreskin completely covers the penis with a pin hole view of head and as mentioned above whitish foreskin of two cm's.

Please help me in diagnosing my condition.


Asked By : Anonymous

Asked on : 03 May 2012   

i have only right testis and my penis small is very small varies b/w 1.5inch -2.5inch normal and 3-4.5inches when erected...iam worried which type of doctor to meet...iam very worried...some times my testis hangs downwards and sometimes it become normal wht is the problem...plz help iam worried

Asked By : Shoaib000

Asked on : 19 Apr 2012   

I have a problem of weak and most of time no erection in age of 28. I consulted a sexologist in Lahore Pakistan. He treated me for 10 weeks. During this treatment he also asked me to do masturbate after every two days. which I did. During his treatment I did sex with my girlfriend 3 times. During sex I get full erection and my ejaculation time was almost 45-50 minutes. After his treatment I am more ill. I did not get erection on morning or night, during masturbation, with my girlfriend. I then contacted a homeo dr in Lahore. He checked me and said that I have sexual weakness. I remained under his treatment for more than a year but cannot satisfied. Now 2 months before I consulted a qualified psycho-sexologist Dr Haris Burki in Lahore. On first visit he advised me to go for medical examination. Detail of my Medical exam is as under:

P.S.A 0.871 normal value <4

H.B.A 1C 5.6% normal value 4.2-6.2

Prolactin 6.5 normal value 1-18

DHEA SO4 217.5 normal value 80-560

Free Testosterone 0.23ng/dl normal value 0.3 - 1.9

FSH 2.6 See Dr

LH 5.1 See Dr

After This Dr suggested me following doze:

Tab Proviron (2 + 2)
Tab Stablon (1 + 1+ 1)
Cap Romega (1 + 1)
Cap Actitone (1 after breakfast)
Cap Fertile-S (1 + 1)
Tab Clomid (1 in night)
Tab Folic Acid (1+2)
Tab Bevidox (2+2)

plese suggest me whether the recomended doze is suitable?

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