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Mental health and addiction :

Mental health disorders happen when a person is not able to function either cognitively or emotionally. Addiction – obsessions, compulsions, or psychological or physical dependence on substances or activities – forms a large category of mental disorders.

In our support group, you will be able to find patients, their families, and their doctors dealing with the same problems as you, and willing to share their valuable experience and wisdom.


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Asked By : isantoshp2006

Asked on : 04 Jan 2013   

I am suffering from Chronic Dizziness since last few years .I have also Balancing Problem, unsteadiness in standing & walking. I cannot stand on my foot for a couple of minutes without holding any object. There is always a tendency of falling down. I have also forgetfulness, pressure on chest, dry mouth, pain in joints, especially in lumber and knee joints, less sensation & sometime tingling sensation on the outer portion of left thigh .Weakness in the limbs, low tempered, became perplexed when in hurry.

It is experienced that my balancing problem aggravate during change of air pressure. During pressure range from 1010hPa to 1012hPa my condition remains moderate. But when atmospheric pressure become high or low the dizziness intensify & my alertness /...... become lower.

I have visited some Neurologists & Neuro-otologists. Major findings are:-

MRI Brain on 11.01.05 - There is cerebellar atrophy. No other significant abnormality is found.

My questions are:

(1) Is there any relation with the dizziness and atmospheric pressure?

(2) What are the treatment options for my ailments?

(3) Which are the best institutions in India where I can get better treatment?

Kindly help me.

Asked By : N.K.Assumi

Asked on : 14 Apr 2011   

Dear Experts, are the brain and the mind same or they are two different matters? Does brain control the mind or mind control the brain? I want to know especially from the view of modern scientific views as well as ancient Vedic literature Chandogaya Upanishad and Bhagavat Gita.

Asked By : chauhan rajmohan

Asked on : 21 Feb 2011   

My daughter 16 xi cbse student , is facing pre exams frights. please suggest some relief,

Asked By : balusuchaitanya

Asked on : 13 Mar 2010   

Hi iam 28 yrs old ,How i can i get up early in the morning and get rid of Lazy ness

Asked By : Anonymous

Asked on : 17 Dec 2009   

My wife is 4th girl in her family all her sisters are staying separately, I doubt with there inspiration she is also now insisting to be separate from our joint family, to achieve she is behaving rudely with my mother. My mom is suffering from High BP, Diabetes, spondylitis etc. Please guide me in this regard

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