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Ear, Nose and Mouth :
Otitis Media/ Middle Ear Infection

Otitis media is inflammation or infection of the middle ear. Most cases of otitis media begin with a respiratory infection (like colds and coughs) that travel to the middle year. The disease is common among children, and is treated with antibiotics and painkillers.

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1. Who should I see if my child is suffering from otitis media?

You can visit a pediatrician, Audiologist or an ENT specialist.

2. How does the ear help us to hear?

The inner ear contains the hearing and balance organs which converts sound into electrical signals. These impulses are carried to the brain by nerve impulses and that is how we hear.

3. Can Otitis media cause a hearing loss?

When fluid is present in the ear, the vibrations are not transmitted efficiently and sound energy is lost so there may be temporary hearing loss . However, when Otitis media occurs repeatedly the ear drum and hearing nerve are damaged resulting in permanent deafness.

4. Why are children frequently affected?

The immune system in children is not fully developed which help them to fight infections.

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