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Congratulations! Pregnancy can be a wonderful period in every woman’s life; it brings joy and heightens anticipation in every household. Yet, the intricacies of the process are often also matters of concern for many.

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Asked By : amar30

Asked on : 09 Nov 2012   

can in pregnancy pregnant women can take evict syrup

Asked By : basarapusaritha

Asked on : 07 Sep 2012   

this is richa iam 2 months pregnant lady can i have sex daily, what i should have daily to have healthy body

Asked By : Anonymous

Asked on : 08 Sep 2012   

i had unprotected sex 24 hours after my second pill of emergancy birth controll,am i still at risk?

Asked By : Riya2012

Asked on : 25 Jun 2012   

Hello Doctor,

I am Riya and 30 years of age. We are married for 3+years and want to have children now.

We tried twice for kids and I miscarried both times(Feb 2011,march 2012) at 8,5 weeks.

Since, I am based in UK and there is no way to rush and force doctors here, I went and got a detailed examination done in India over my last visit. They ordered karyotyping,cbc,t3,t4,tsh,AMH,APLA,PCRfor TB,LH,FSH.
Everything came in normal except for AMH which is raise to a level of 11.12ng/ml. She asked me to take metforamin 250 mg if I wish till i fall pregnant.

Since, it was too late and I could not collect the medicine from India. Now, I want to know what these levels mean? Is it fine if we start planning family once again, or should we take few precautions before we try the third time.

Many thanks,

Asked By : sameera030

Asked on : 05 Jun 2012   

i am 33, having not child so far i want to conceive, but while having sex my husband is not able to insert penis inside me, it may be because my vginal opening is very small or his penis is large enough... i have seen a gynic and after tests she has told me that i can conceive...
please guide me, how we can have painless and successful intercourse...

Asked By : pranalivs

Asked on : 03 Jun 2012   

my age 31 from last six month i am taking a medicine for for concive a baby deviry 10 mg i dont what i do docter say you both have no problem

Asked By : Faith555

Asked on : 31 May 2012   

What are the leading medical centers or clinics in the United States for treatment of primary abdominal pregnancy (the egg leaves the ovary but does not enter the fallopian tube and is fertilized and implanted in the abdominal cavity). Is there any damage to the tubes or other parts of reproductive system due to surgical removal of ectopic sac and embryo?

Asked By : Anonymous

Asked on : 17 May 2012   

A patient took an i-pill after an act of intercourse. But within about 10hrs, she
had one more act of intercourse. Is she safe from pregnancy or does she need to take one more i-pill?

Asked By : kumar42031

Asked on : 09 May 2012   

me n my gf was forplaying i ejuclated in my underwear n after an hour then my penis head was dried n later my gf says i touched her vagina ? is there any change of pregnancy? we r worried ? v dind had sex nor i ejuclated on vagina or in hers ? pls tel us ?

Asked By : Anonymous

Asked on : 17 Apr 2012   

when the lady knows that she is pregnent and she don't want child now and if she will take INTIMACY PLUS 3 medicine what will happen ? will she missed her child?

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