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Premature Ejaculation / PE

Premature Ejaculation happens when a man ejaculates too early during intercourse for his or his partner’s satisfaction. It is not a disease, and learning techniques to control when they ejaculate will help most men have a better sexual experience with their partners.

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Asked By : dreamzmaking

Asked on : 21 Nov 2012   


Am writing this letter very sadly, am suffering from premature ejaculation, if she touch my body with in 1-2 minutes, am out..

please advise me.. how i can cure from this sick.

Await your valuable advise


Asked By : rajakhil

Asked on : 19 Sep 2012   

I am having premature ejaculation. I ejaculate within a period of within 1 min. I would like to know whether there is any treatment for this and is it reliable ? Where can i find a doctor in kerala or what specialist do i have to consult ?
thanks in advance

Asked By : jesrani

Asked on : 01 Oct 2012   

I am 54 years old. since around 6 years i am having premature ejaculation problem. the moment my wife touches my penis I ejaculate.... due to this I avoid sex. Very worried and frustrated.

Asked By : sonu176091

Asked on : 22 Mar 2012   

if thr any medicine for long ejaculate. which have no side effect. (any ayurvedic medicines)

Asked By : Surya010180

Asked on : 22 Mar 2012   

My penis length is short. But during intercourse it extend the length up to 5 to 6 inch. i could not inter course for long period. I ejaculate within 20 or 25 seconds. After that my penis gets to original position and look so small. Due to this problem,I felt shame to show my penis to my partner after having sex. I never get married. I am now 47 yrs old. I would like to have my life partner now.One lady of 43 old wants to marry me now, but she is expecting a good performer on bed. can I succeed? Mentally some time I feel I can do. But some time I feel I cant. Can you please suggest a treatment for me? please advice.

Asked By : dpo007

Asked on : 29 Feb 2012   

I am so confused and left with no hope at all. I am suffering from PE. I just cant find myself to be a man of whom i'm supposed to be. All my friends do talk about their affairs with their girlfriends but i feel low to share mine. I was always afraid wen my girlfriend was around wit the panic of this stain(PE) b4 she totally discovered my weakness & said she aint interested anymore. This might though be somehow awkward for a teenager like me to say, but i had to used one proverb dat says & thus quote "a stitch in time saves nine". I am afraid if perhaps, i'l spend d rest of my adult life in this misery. I am eighteen-yr-old. Pls what am i going to do ? I'm taunted!

Asked By : dpo007

Asked on : 01 Mar 2012   

i am suffering from premature ejaculation. Everytime this occured, i felt depression within me. I'v searched through google to find a blessing cure but al i cud find was online money jacks trying to persuade customers. Thouh was able to find one, it's called Kegel exercise. I wanted to know if this cud really b my latest solution and pls, how do i do this? Is it goin to help? Pls help me!

Asked By : kedol

Asked on : 10 Jan 2012   

what is the cause of pre mature ejaculation?

Asked By : munna75

Asked on : 21 Dec 2011   

i always complete my ejaculation before she, is it problem or normal thing. sometimes if i enter into vagina it become soft and after somany strokes (softonly) it become hard and erect, is it disease or normal thing. pls help.

Asked By : spatashn

Asked on : 16 Dec 2011   

this is a bit embarrassing but i have to ask. my spouse and i are wondering if there is an over the counter, prescription or herbal product or method that can increase my amount of ejaculate?

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