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Infectious Diseases :
Rheumatic Fever

The term "rheumatic" refers to synovial joints of the body ("rheum" refers to viscous fluid, such as synovial fluid), hence "rheumatic fever" connotes an illness associated with abnormalities of synovial joints. Synovial is a clear fluid that helps in lubrication of a joint. Any joint in the body which produces this fluid is known as a synovial joint. When a common strain of bac ... Read More


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1. What are the chances of recurrence of this disease?

People who've already had an attack of rheumatic fever are more prone to further attacks and the risk of heart damage.

2. What are rheumatic heart disease and rheumatic fever?

Rheumatic heart disease is a condition in which the heart valves are damaged by a disease process that begins with a strep throat from streptococcal infection. If it's not treated, the streptococcal infection can develop into acute rheumatic fever.

3. How can a person be prevented from it?

Pay close attention when a child develops a sore throat. If it persists more than 24 hours and is accompanied by a fever, consult a doctor immediately.

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