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Sex education for teens is necessary to equip them to deal with the increasing sexual pressures of today’s culture as well as the confusion they have about their own bodies.

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Asked By : mim104

Asked on : 24 Jun 2012   

i am 31 years old. i have problem i was used to mastrubation. now my erection is nt hard. i want to marry what should i do. my semen becone so thin(patla).i also diebeties.pls guide me.my size is 6 in erection.but hicjness is not suitable.i have problem i dischrage very soon.even i embracing.

Asked By : sanagoli_1996

Asked on : 10 Jul 2012   

hi,I'm a 16 yrs old girl,and i have started doing masturbation-since 3 weeks ago- but I really feel sick about it and I don't know how to help myself,I tried a lot not to do that,but no result,
I really want you to help me... I've got so sick and tired of this all,I want to get rid of this hell that I have made for myself, I don't wanna do that anymore,but I don't know how to help myself,Please help me...

Asked By : vincent4117

Asked on : 12 May 2012   

Hello dear doctor!I have all these symptoms already a year,I have had sex only once and I was protected(last january ). After some time I noticed,that after cumming there are some red marks on my penis head(It happens every time I ejaculate).It doesn't hurt,I don't feel anything uncomfortable with it,sometimes the head is very dry(mostly in the morning). After I urinate or wash the head, everything disappears in an hour or two.I don't know what to do,what kind of analyses to take,please help me!!
Here are high quality pictures,first 2 are BEFORE masturbating.Third,fourth and fifth are about 5 minutes AFTER ejaculation and the last two photos are after an hour. Plus an hour later everything is as there wasn't anything happened with my penis head.
The PASSWORD for the album is- 123456
The photos are here- photobucket.com/doctors1234

Asked By : phuchra

Asked on : 16 May 2012   

what is the minimum time duration of ejaculation for intercourse to satisfy female partner?

Asked By : phuchra

Asked on : 16 May 2012   

what is the minmum time duration for ejaculation during intercourse to satisfy female partner?

Asked By : phuchra

Asked on : 16 May 2012   

is doing daily masturbation affects on memory? i am 27 yr old and have been doing on an average daily since i was 14 yr old.

Asked By : rajeev_reddy

Asked on : 06 Apr 2011   

I am studying my +2 now, facing problem everyday and struggling to control it.
My parents are teachers and we are living in small home. My mom and me used to sleep in king size bed ( since my childhood) and dad used to sleep in seperate bed otherside as we have one bed room only. We used to have mosquito nets around our beds.

When I was in high school, once I noticed mom was going to dad's bed and they used to have sex. Typically they used to do it in middle of night after I asleep. I have been used to see it half open eyes in that bed light whats happeing inside their mosquito net.

Once after they had sex, mom came back and slept beside me as usual.
After she went to sleep, i went close to her and hug her butt from back and slept. She was in asleep and did not much noticed me even she moves from this side to other side.
This has developed more attached to her and now some times I go close to her and hug her and sleep. It was fine upto here but I was not able to control my feelings, started trying to do more.

Once my dad went to banglore, I noticed her saree was up and noticed that she had no panties, I tried to do something it did not work. I did not do any sex. She never got angry on me when I hug her from back and sleep.

This is caused bad thoughts in me to do sex with her, I know its wrong and she will not accept it. How do I control these feelings from me and be nice boy and focus on my studies.

Asked By : vishal.s1711

Asked on : 29 Sep 2011   

doctor i made the sex with my fioncee 3 or 4 days ago now she has a problem white liquid or blood is coming out from vegina please tell me solution immediatly

Asked By : Anonymous

Asked on : 22 Jan 2012   

what are the benefits & hazards of oral sex

Asked By : Anonymous

Asked on : 22 Jan 2012   

How to increase the amount of mucus while masturbating my gf?
Tell me the techniques of masturbating her

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