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Ear, Nose and Mouth :

Sinusitis is infection or inflammation of the sinuses, the air-filled sacs within the skull. Sinusitis can be caused by allergies, autoimmune disease, and infection from bacteria, viruses or fungi. Facial pain or headaches above the affected sinuses are a symptom of the disease.

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1. Which doctor should I consult when I have Sinusitis?

You should consult an ENT surgeon.

2. What are the paranasal sinuses?

The paranasal sinuses are air-filled cavities in the dense portions of the bones of the skull. These air filled cavities are formed pairs. The frontal sinuses are positioned behind the area of the forehead, while the maxillary sinuses are behind the cheeks. The sphenoid and ethmoid sinuses are found deeper in the skull behind the eyes and maxillary sinuses.

3. What causes chronic Sinusitis?

If someone is allergic to airborne allergens, such as dust, mold, and pollen, which trigger allergic rhinitis, they may develop chronic sinusitis.

4. How can I prevent Sinusitis?

You may get some relief from your symptoms with a humidifier, particularly if room air in your home is heated by a dry forced-air system. Air conditioners help to provide an even temperature. Electrostatic filters attached to heating and air conditioning equipment are helpful in removing allergens from the air. you should avoid cigarette smoke and other air pollutants.

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