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Key To Efficiency And Good Health – Do Things Now.

Posted by subnirmala on Tue, 22 Jun 2010

Some of us tend to postpone things and believe that tomorrow will be that fine day to finish off all our accumulated work.  However postponing things till tomorrow or procrastination could be one of t...

Know All About Coulrophobia To Cure It.

Posted by subnirmala on Wed, 30 Jun 2010

It would seem interesting and humorous to know that some people suffer from Coulrophobia an intense fear of clowns. Yes, Coulrophobia may be mild, medium or intense and affects not only children, but ...


Posted by ashish_ysh on Fri, 11 Feb 2011

Anxiety is an emotion characterized by feelings of tension,worried thoughts and physical changes like muscle tension,chest pain and increased blood pressure. Common anxiety symptoms include: 1) Allerg...

Exam Fever

Posted by Lachmi Deb Roy on Sat, 26 Feb 2011

Everybody suffers from exam fever. We have all undergone the same syndrome. It is extremely important to keep both body and mind ‘Exam Ready’ during exam time. “One should keep one self fit and fine b...

Meditation in Children

Posted by Dr.Trupti on Tue, 29 Mar 2011

Meditation is a process of relaxing the body and mind. Mediation has immense benefits and anyone and everyone can benefit from it. From the old to the young and even children can benefit from meditati...

Positive Energy

Posted by Lachmi Deb Roy on Mon, 04 Apr 2011

Positive thinkers are those who accomplish things which others cannot achieve, or they do it n better way than anyone else. Endless stream of thoughts that run through your head can be either positive...


Posted by pallavi-78 on Wed, 04 Sep 2013

This article is created for people with  Parkinson Disease  their friends  and family or anyone who is interested in knowing a little more about Parkinson’s Disease .The aim is to understand a little ...


Posted by ajaysnagzarkar on Sun, 06 Jul 2014

ANXIETYFirst of all let us understand what we really mean by Anxiety.In medical terminology the meaning of this word is somewhat different from what it is used  for every day life.Anxiety is not the s...

Correlation Between Sedentary Life Style And Mental Well Being

Posted by Antony76 on Thu, 05 May 2016

Life without any physical movement can't be viewed as healthy by any stretch of imagination. It would perpetually prompt different afflictions, which can be physical and mental. Incidentally, the pres...

Decoding Stress And Taking Guard

Posted by Antony76 on Tue, 14 Mar 2017

Stress is a sign inside our body that gives us the ideal opportunity to distinguish and adjust appropriately  to any given circumstance. Remember that you are not a casualty to life unless and until y...

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