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Can Money Give True Happiness?

Posted by Dr.Seema.Nigar.Alvi on Mon, 16 May 2011         
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Whenever I hear the song “Can’t buy me love” by Beatles, I find it reflecting the reality of life in its true sense. Money can’t buy love. Money is a complement to our happiness but obviously not the vital component for our happiness and love. There are people who are not rich, still they are happy. A beggar might be happier than a wealthy man. So money is in no way, a criterion for true happiness. Money- earned happiness is not permanent, as it vanishes with the loss of money. Eternal love a... Read More
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4 Comment(s)


22 May 11
11:53 AM

Research done in the west shows that since late 1960s, though prosperity has increased in the developed countries, happiness has not increased. It surprises observers here that Bhutan, a poor country, has a higher happiness level than any other country. Happiness has been measured on many fronts including family support.At the end of the day meeting one's 'needs' leads to happiness, looking to fulfill one's 'wants' leads to unhappiness.


20 May 11
10:00 AM

I'm just being the devil's advocate, preacher!

Lachmi Deb Roy

18 May 11
10:46 PM

Money can give you security and can give you a lift in life, but definitely money can't buy happiness. Being happy is a choice that you make in life. No body can force you to be happy or sad the choice is entirely yours. Ask your self are you happy today? If the answer is yes good and if the answer is no, you have only yourself to blame.


17 May 11
2:34 AM

People who say money can't buy happiness, don't know where to shop. You got to be smart enough to know how to use your money to buy respect, love and everything else that you desire.

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