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Increase your children's intellegence by homoeopathy

Posted by akburnwal on Mon, 13 Jun 2011         
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There are many problems of children which make trouble their parents. Some children are weak in study, some write untidy, Some of them are weak in mathematics and some have aversion to history, litrature etc. Homoeopathy can miraculosly change the mental deficiency of  the children and they become intelligent . Their parents also become happy. 1.Children who write untidy or have poor handwritting - take medicine SULP 200 . 2. Children who write slowly . To increase speed- take RHUS TOX 200. 3.So... Read More
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6 Comment(s)


29 Jun 11
1:28 PM

To an extent I tend to agree with Simonster's comments. This is the problem with all complimentary medicine practice just not with Homeopathy - too many claims but no science to back it. Wish it was all true but all readers pl be careful before taking any of this advice. This is where net could help - if there are anyone who has benefitted from such treatment pl write and contribute to the discussion.


15 Jun 11
3:46 AM

"Many such evidence to prove its efficacy" - Such as ?????? No homoeopathic "remedy" has ever passed a controlled, double-blind clinical trial, a standard thoughout the medical industry to prove the efficacy of medicines. Every single time without exception that homoeopathic preparations have been tested in this way, the results come up the same as for a placebo. Every time, always, without a single exception. Homoeopathic preparations typically contain absolutely NO active ingredient, not a single molecule. They are literally water, and nothing else. The idea that water has a memory that 'remembers' the active ingredient has been totally debunked so many times it's ridiculous. It is demonstrably not true. If water had this memory, and if the dilutions make the remedies more potent, then: 1) why don't the toxic effects of the original active ingredients also get stronger with the dilutions? 2) water is far from pure - why doesn't it retain the memory of all the human waste, industrial chemicals, agrichemicals etc. that go into the water supply? Many people, James Randi for one, have done overdose demonstrations many times with homoeopathic preparations, and nothing happens, at all. You can down bottle after bottle of homoeopathic sleeping pills (the stated dose is 2-3 tablets, there are usually around 30 in a bottle and the label advises you to seek medical help in the case of an overdose). You can down several entire bottles and absolutely nothing happens. Nothing. Homoeopathy doesn't work.As I said before, if you want to 'treat' your own maladies with very small amounts of water and sugar - that's up to you, but recommending this quackery for children is an absolute disgrace. "Mental development arrested after head injury" - are you crazy? Some well-intentioned but not too clever mum might read that and think she can treat her child this way and the child could die. This posting is very seriously irresponsible and could potentially result in the suffering, restricted development or death of children. You should remove it immediately and never say this nonsense again. Ever. You do not have the right to risk children's lives by pretending this is medical science.


14 Jun 11
7:18 PM

Homoeopathy has many such evidence to proved its efficiecy.


14 Jun 11
12:59 PM

"Homoeopathy can miraculosly change the mental deficiency of the children and they become intelligent" . This is a very clear, declarative, scientific and medical claim. Where is the evidence to back it up? I mean proper edvidence, not mere anecdote. This is a very serious and damaging claim. Children showing the symptoms that you describe are likely to require proper medical or psychiatric help. They may nbe affected by ADHD, dyslexia or a range of problems which require proper medical intervention. Telling parents that these symptoms can be treated with these preparations which have NO SCIENTIFIC BASIS WHATSOEVER - absolutely none, at all, is way beyond deeply irresponsible. Adults can believe what they like and rely on these water and sugar preparations if they like, but giving these placebos to children with difficulties ins unforgivable and should be a jailable offense. Whether you have faith (for faith is what it is) in homoeopathy or not is irrelevant. If children need help with concentration or behavioural problems, reading or numeracy problems, then the methods used should be tried and tested and their efficacy proven and confirmed.


14 Jun 11
11:00 AM

@ Zoe19 . Thanks for your appreciation. You can consult my previous blogs for more information about different complaints and problems. You can also check regularly for latest updates in my blog.


14 Jun 11
8:36 AM


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