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Anosmia / Loss Of Smell

Anosmia, or the loss of the sense of smell, might happen as a result of injury, infection, or genetics. It is more dangerous than people generally imagine – an anosmic person might not be able to smell gas leaks, for example, or bad food.

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Just My Experience and Approach Following TBI (2 parts)

My sense of smell was completely gone following a head trauma (TBI). Doctors told me that it may come back at some point however it was very unlikely. Being the stubborn individual that I am eventually I could not continue to accept this as the outcome. The following commentary is an account of my personal experience to date as I work to regain my sense of smell. I’m sure if others decided to do the same thing their individual results would vary widely from person to person depending on their own situation.
While I was looking into the problem my first questions were what creates our sense of smell, and how can it be modified. I discovered that our sense of smell comes from the cilia in our upper nose on the olfactory bulb. Cilia are members of a kingdom of life called Protists. It turns out that Protists reproduce sexually in response to amongst other things oxidative stress. One way in which Oxidative Stress can be created that surprised me and seemed easy enough to pursue.
Marijuana smoke it turns out creates a large amount of oxidative stress. I had been using it already at the time to (successfully) avoid having a breakthrough seizure or having to take anti-seizure medications. However I had not been experiencing a newfound sense of smell as a result so I had to change to methodology. During a standard marijuana smoking process the uppermost part of the nasal passageway does not receive much if any direct contact with the smoke. I decided that the best way for me to expose my cilia to the smoke is to follow my normal oral smoke inhalation with a quick nasal exhalation of the smoke immediately followed by a nasal inhalation of as much of the exhaled smoke and the smoke that was still in my nasal passageway and then hold it for about one second and complete one final nasal exhalation.

Posted on : Monday, June 12, 2017 2:55 PM
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Although my sense of smell currently is far from complete, consistent, or 100% accurate the fact that it does exist makes me feel so much better than I had felt without any sense of it at all. My progress is not entirely linear but from one 6 month time period to the next the improvements are substantial. You may suspect that my progress was entirely caused by the natural process that doctors told me was possible but very unlikely. However I isolated the smoking variable by experiencing both extreme sides of the spectrum I both smoked a rather large quantity in a brief time period and quit smoking for a period of 4 months. Both of those experiences produced the same results which was a complete loss of my hard earned progress and having to start back over completely from scratch once the smoking returned to normal. I’ve abstained from smoking a number of times over the last few years and found that a time period of 5 or more days between sessions is when the degradation of the sense begins. I also find my sense of smell is most prominent immediately following a smoking session. My overall frequency is about once every other day but has been as much as daily or as little as once per week during the times when I have been smoking during this process. Overall in my experience smoking once every other day or two has produced the best results.
The write-up would not be complete without detailing the oddities of my current sense of smell and experience in general. Occasionally I do experience parosmia like abnormalities such as a specific smell (i.e. urinal cake) lingering with me for about a day and all scents being reflected as that smell during that time. Often something that has a smell which I clearly remember can smell very differently to me now such as my farts smelling like Cinnabon although I’m just now unfortunately starting to make progress in regards to smells such as this slowly becoming more authentic versions of them. For example the farts now smell like Cinnabon mixed with rotten bananas. Many scents are still completely absent. There is however a number of scents that have been acquired with a decent if not 100% accurate perceived scent. Most of the initially acquired smells and overall acquired scents come from my food. Hazelnut nut butter and Jalapeno Chips are a couple of my favorites! There is also delayed scent sensations where I’ll smell something anywhere from a couple minutes to a couple hours after I initially attempted to smell it. I should also point out proximity is generally a significant factor with the ability to pick up scents from my hands by smelling my fingers after say eating some chips being a reliable way to experience the scent.
Hopefully this information is of value to someone out there. Keep in mind my progress took me over 3 yrs. to get to this point although that does include two time periods where I lost all previous progress. If you have any questions let me know I’m happy to answer as best as I can.
Replied on Monday, June 12, 2017 2:55 PM

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