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Our online support groups allow you to meet and interact with other individuals who understand the medical conditions, health issues and challenges that you are currently grappling with. Connect, discuss and share your experience and stories with them. Make friends - help them and help yourself!

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Allergies & Immunity

Allergies & Immunity (9)

An allergy is simply immunity fighting the wrong enemy. It can happen when a person's immune system reacts improperly to things which are usually harmless and treats them like parasites attacking the body. Allergies often only cause a lot of inconvenience (like runny noses and pesky rashes), but sometimes, they can even be life threatening.

Join our Allergies and Immunity Support Group to find both professionals and lay people who deal with the same problems as you do.

Alternative Medicine

Alternative Medicine (15)

Alternative medicines is a whole field of treatment for diseases developed outside conventional, standard, scientific, ‘western’ medicine. Some kinds of alternative medicine, like ayurveda, are traditional systems of medicine practiced by certain people before ‘modern’ medicine became available. Others, like aromatherapy, are more recent developments. Treatments for diseases are not as rigorously tested in alternative medicine, and there is a wide range of effectiveness: some alternative treatments work when regular ‘western’ medicine fails, but others are ineffective and may cause harm.

Learn more by joining our online group on alternative medicine. Ask questions, share ideas, and talk with people who know.

Brain and nervous system

Brain and nervous system (20)

The brain is the center of the nervous system; the nervous system is a network of specialized cells that communicate information from the senses to the brain and from the brain back to the muscles and glands.

Diseases of the brain and nervous system can be terrible, and might leave you with an absolute sense of loneliness; but you can locate doctors and many others who are coping with the same things as you in our specialized support group.


Cancers (34)

Cancers are a group of diseases characterized by uncontrollable cell growth. Cancerous cells invade and destroy neighboring healthy tissue and migrate to other parts of the body. Cancers are deadly, accounting for 13% of total human mortality world wide.

Our Cancer Support Groups will help you get in touch with doctors and patients grappling with cancer – in your neighborhood and around the world.

Children’s health and parenting

Children’s health and parenting (24)

Babies and children need special care from adults if they are to grow up healthy, happy, and as productive citizens. And parenting them is by no means, easy. Parents need to be on their toes right from when their little baby is born…with challenges ranging from newborn care and vaccinations to a healthy diet.

Join this Children’s Health and Parenting Support Group today to make the most of the time when your children are still young.

Dental Health

Dental Health (9)

Dental health is more than just taking care of cavities in the teeth – it is holistic care that aims at prevention, so that cavities, plaque, tartar, and many other problems never happen at all.

You can use our online Support Group for Dental Health to find resources and services, and share ideas with others on dental care.

Diet and nutrition

Diet and nutrition (37)

Diet and nutrition, or ‘what we eat’ is the science (and art!) of nurturing the human body to reach its full potential. As a field of study, diet and nutrition is garnering more attention these days even as scientists discover how much of our health really depends on watching what we’re eating.

Brainstorm for ideas on how to beat the challenges of living healthy, with professionals and lay people in our Diet and Nutrition Online Support Group.

Ear, Nose and Mouth

Ear, Nose and Mouth (11)

Ear, nose, and mouth disorders are treated as one category in medicine because problems in one usually cause problems in the other. These ‘ENT’ diseases are very common, like the common cold or tonsillitis.

Join our doctors’ and patients’ group to meet others, locate resources, and dig out the latest reports in this field.

Endocrine System

Endocrine System (6)

The endocrine system manages your hormones, and these in turn regulate your metabolism, growth, tissue function, and even your emotions. Glands located in many parts of the body produce hormones, which then travel through the blood stream to do their work.

Our online support group for those with endocrine problems will help them find doctors and patients who have successfully dealt with similar health concerns.

Gastrointestinal System

Gastrointestinal System (12)

The gastrointestinal system is what you eat and digest your food with – from your mouth to your gastrointestinal tract, and down to the anus where the waste is expelled. All diseases connected with this process are called digestive diseases.

Join our support group of doctors and patients with digestive diseases and solve your digestive problems before they get out of hand.

Genetic and Metabolic

Genetic and Metabolic (30)

Genetic disorders are diseases caused by abnormalities in the genes or chromosomes. One large class of genetic disorders is metabolic disorders, also called the ‘inborn errors of metabolism’, when a single defective gene effects the production and functioning of enzymes.

Find doctors and patients dealing with genetic and metabolic disorders in our specialized support group.

Healthcare Industry and Policy

Healthcare Industry and Policy (5)

The healthcare industry is always growing: there are always sick or injured people among us, and we always need doctors, nurses and paramedics. A healthcare industry shaped by a wise healthcare policy can be very effective, as shown by the increase in the average lifespan for people in prosperous countries today: from 40s in the end of the last century, to the 70s now.

Discuss and learn more by joining our online group on the healthcare industry and policy.

Heart, Blood and Circulatory System

Heart, Blood and Circulatory System (17)

The heart, blood and circulatory system move nutrients, gases, and wastes, to and from cells. They help keep the body alive and healthy and fit to fight disease.

Many heart diseases and circulatory system diseases can be life threatening, and our support group of doctors and patients will enable you to find the help you need.

Infectious Diseases

Infectious Diseases (28)

Infectious diseases are caused by viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, or multi-cellular parasites. Such diseases usually spread, with greater or lesser ease, from one person to another or even one species to another.

Our Infectious Diseases Support Group will help you get in touch with doctors and patients sharing the same concerns as yours.

Kidney and bladder

Kidney and bladder (13)

The kidney maintains the balance of bodily fluids by cleaning and filtering the blood and excreting the waste as urine. Urine collects in the bladder before it is exits the body through urination.

If you want to know more people who have problems with their kidneys/bladders, or want to get in touch with their physicians, our online support group is the answer.

Lungs and Respiration

Lungs and Respiration (12)

Respiratory diseases include diseases of any part of the respiratory system – the lungs, pleural cavity, bronchial tubes, trachea, upper respiratory tract and the muscles or nerves of breathing. They range from the inconvenient common cold to the life-threatening pneumonia.

To find others with lung and respiratory diseases, and doctors who’ve mastered this field, join our online support group.

Men’s health

Men’s health (11)

Men’s unique health concerns have been getting more attention since the 1990s, when male health began to emerge as a separate discipline. Men are more vulnerable than women to certain kinds of diseases like cardiovascular diseases, and also some disorders like autism.

If you’ve been facing any male-oriented health issues, join our support group to catch up with others who’ve got similar concerns and also converse with their physicians.

Mental health and addiction

Mental health and addiction (40)

Mental health disorders happen when a person is not able to function either cognitively or emotionally. Addiction – obsessions, compulsions, or psychological or physical dependence on substances or activities – forms a large category of mental disorders.

In our support group, you will be able to find patients, their families, and their doctors dealing with the same problems as you, and willing to share their valuable experience and wisdom.


Miscellaneous (1)

This section contains topics not sharing common elements with other established subjects or covers multiple subject areas.

Muscles and Bones

Muscles and Bones (19)

Muscles are defined as contractile tissue of the body, and their function is to produce force and cause motion. Bones are termed as dense connective tissue. They protect the various organs of the body and support the muscles when they move.

Our online support group will help you locate others who live with muscle and bone conditions and doctors who deal with it; right in your neighborhood or anywhere around the world.

Psychology and Parapsychology

Psychology and Parapsychology (1)

Psychology is the scientific study that explores human or animal mental functions and behavior. Perception, understanding, cognition, emotion and interpersonal relationships and sometimes, the unconscious mind, are among the several phenomena studied in Psychology.

Parapsychology seeks to study paranormal experiences such as psychic abilities, life after death and perhaps other unexplored dimensions of reality using scientific methods.

Relationships and Sexuality

Relationships and Sexuality (9)

Relations between people and their experience and expression of themselves as sexual beings is a big part of our lives – and fulfillment and happiness depends a lot on how we handle our relationships and sexuality.

Join our support group to share your experience and wisdom in relationships and sexuality.


Seniors (4)

Seniors, or the elderly, or old people, are those who have lived beyond the average lifespan of human beings. Modern advances have made it possible for seniors to live healthy and active lives, but as a group they face certain common health and lifestyle challenges.

Join our Seniors Support Group to locate other senior people, their families, and healthcare specialists around the world and in your country.

Skin and Hair

Skin and Hair (11)

The skin is the outer covering of the body, and the hair is a protein filament that grows through the skin. Even if problems with these are not usually in themselves serious, they cause a disproportionate amount of distress because they affect the way we look.

Join our support group of patients and doctors to talk to other people facing similar problems, hit on ideas together, and find great solutions!


Teens (8)

Teens are at the threshold of adulthood, and teenage is a time of preparation for adult life. For many teenagers, it is also a stressful and confusing period as they grow out of the protective cocoon of childhood and seek to find their way to independence.

If you are a teen, or you have a teenager in your family, our support group will be able to help you network and find solutions to a lot of teen-challenges.

Trauma and Injuries

Trauma and Injuries (2)

Injury is damage or harm to the body through something outside the body, and trauma is a serious or life-threatening form of it. A lot of times, trauma also refers to psychological injury.

Both doctors and patients dealing with trauma and other serious injuries can look for related resources and find a lot of support from this online group.

Vision Center

Vision Center (17)

Vision involves the eyes, the nerves and the brain. Small problems with any one of these can lead to big problems with vision.

We understand how challenging a problem with your vision can be – so our online support group can help you get in touch with the experts, and also share ideas and resources with others who face the similar difficulties.

Women’s health

Women’s health (40)

Women’s health concerns include problems with conditions or issues specific to the bodies of women, like menstruation, childbirth, maternal health, menopause, and breast cancer.

Our Women’s Health Support Group is meant to help women network with their counterparts and find resources and services that they might need.

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