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Children’s health and parenting

Babies and children need special care from adults if they are to grow up healthy, happy, and as productive citizens. And parenting them is by no means, easy. Parents need to be on their toes right from when their little baby is born…with challenges ranging from newborn care and vaccinations to a healthy diet.

Join this Children’s Health and Parenting Support Group today to make the most of the time when your children are still young.
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Spondydolisthesis is the slipping of part of the vertebrae of the spinal column so that they are out of place in relation to the vertebrae beneath. This can happen due to degeneration of the tissue or injury. It can cause debilitating back pain.

Join our online support group for spondydolisthesis to learn more about the condition, ask your questions to experts, and find treatment possibilities.


Squint is a misalignment of the two eyes so that both the eyes are not looking in the same direction.This misalignment may be constant,being present throughout the day or may be intermittent. Strabismus is the medical term for the eye condition commonly called as squint, crossed eyes or deviating eyes.It occurs due to the improper alignment of the muscles that maintain the eyeballs ... Read More

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome / Cot Death

Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) or cot death, happens when a healthy baby under the age of one year suddenly dies for no apparent reason. Usually the baby is discovered dead after being put to sleep in his cot – hence the name cot death. Making the baby sleep on its back reduces the risk of SIDS.

Join our online support group for families coping with SIDS. Ask your questions to experts, share your experiences, and learn more.

Tapeworm Infections

Tapeworm infections are caused by the ingestion of tapeworm eggs or larvae from undercooked meat. The eggs and larvae usually develop into adult tapeworms within the intestines. They can cause diarrhea, vomiting, and failure to gain weight. If the eggs travel to the liver or other organs, the infection can be life threatening.

Join this online group on tapeworm infections to learn more by talking to doctors, public health specialists, and others concerned with tapeworm infections.

Thumb Sucking

All babies suck their thumbs (and anything else which finds its way to their mouths) as part of the natural sucking reflex which helps them feed. This sucking reflex usually becomes less strong by the time the child is six months old, but many children continue to suck their thumbs because they find it comforting. Weaning them from this habit can be challenging.

Find other parents dealing with the same problem and ideas that can help by joining our online group on thumb sucking.


A common childhood complaint, tonsillitis is caused by the inflammation of the tonsils. Its origin can be attributed to bacterial or vaginal causes, tonsillitis is contagious and the infection can pass from person to person.

Learn more about tonsillitis, its diagnosis and modern treatment options by joining our support group.

Tooth Surface Index of Fluorosis(TSIF)

TSIF, or the tooth-surface index of fluorosis, can help identify dental fluorosis, or damage to the tooth enamel cause by exposure to excessive fluoride during tooth development. Dental fluorosis can cause pitting and brown stains on the tooth surface.

Learn more about TSIF by asking questions and talking with others - join our online group on TSIF.

Undescended Testis

An undescended testes is a testes that has not descended into the scrotum from the abdomen, where is formed before the baby is born. It is a common defect of the male genitalia, and about 4% of new born boys have the condition. But most of them will recover without intervention by the time they are one year old. If the testes does not descend by this time, a careful medical evaluation is advised.

Find more information about this condition and consult other parents and experts by joining our online group on undescended testes.

Urinary Stones In Children

Children also develop urinary stones, though more rarely than adults. Too little water and too much salt in the diet, besides congenital abnormalities of the urinary tract, cause urinary stones in children. Urinary stones can be painful, but small stones sometimes come out by themselves with medicines and high fluid intake. Larger stones need to be removed surgically.

Join our online support group for families of children with urinary stones. Ask your questions to experts, share your experiences, and learn more.

Urinary Tract Infection

A urinary tract infection is a bacterial infection of any part of the urinary tract – the kidneys, ureters, bladder, and urethra. Usually a urinary tract infection causes pain, fever, and discomfort, but is easily treated – unless it spreads to the kidneys.

Join our online group on urinary tract infections to get more information about this disease.

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