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Dental Anesthesia

Most of the drugs used these days dentistry are synthetic in nature. They belong to two groups, namely, Ester (such as cocaine) or Anilide (Bupivacaine) group. Most of these agents produce adequate loss of sensation, but some of them have more adverse reactions than the others and are hence not in common use.

Medindia’s support group hosts all the information you need on dental anesthetics and their usage.


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Toothache Treatment: Antibiotics Not Necessary
In most cases, antibiotics are not recommended for toothaches, announced The American Dental Association (ADA). This guidance, published in the Novemb.....
New Monitor Detects Deterioration During Anesthesia
ROAM (Respiratory Obstruction Airway Monitor) was developed by the biomedical engineering students to detect breathing problems among young patients d.....
VR Improves Tolerance of Anaesthesia Procedures
Virtual reality sessions before and during locoregional anaesthesia for orthopaedic procedures were found to substantially reduce pain and the need fo.....
Anesthesia Works in Antarctica
Even after exposure to the extreme environmental conditions of the Antarctic commonly used anesthetic drugs still work, revealed new research presente.....
General Anesthesia May Not Be Harmful To Younger Kids: Study
One brief exposure to general anesthesia may not affect your kid’s neurodevelopment, finds a new study. The results of this study are published in the.....

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