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Dental Anesthesia

Most of the drugs used these days dentistry are synthetic in nature. They belong to two groups, namely, Ester (such as cocaine) or Anilide (Bupivacaine) group. Most of these agents produce adequate loss of sensation, but some of them have more adverse reactions than the others and are hence not in common use.

Medindia’s support group hosts all the information you need on dental anesthetics and their usage.


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COVID-19 Test on Kids Before Anesthesia Saves PPE
In children who are having procedures requiring anesthesia, universal COVID-19 testing promotes efficient use of personal protective equipment (PPE), .....
Breastfeeding Safe After Anesthesia
Breastfeeding is considered to be safe after the mother has had anesthesia, as soon as she is alert and able to feed her baby because the drugs are tr.....
Lego can be Used to Gain Anesthetic Skills
Anesthetic skills can be gained by doctors by using lego as a practical tool, according to a new research. The study has shown that simple tasks using.....
Scientists Revealed How General Anesthesia Works
How isoflurane weakens the transmission of electrical signals between neurons at junctions called synapses is revealed in study published in the J.....
Regional Anesthesia is Safe During the Pandemic
Regional anesthesia is safer than general anesthesia in the operating room during the coronavirus pandemic.

If you don’t have COVID-19, you.....

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