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Dental Health :
Dental Anesthesia

Most of the drugs used these days dentistry are synthetic in nature. They belong to two groups, namely, Ester (such as cocaine) or Anilide (Bupivacaine) group. Most of these agents produce adequate loss of sensation, but some of them have more adverse reactions than the others and are hence not in common use.

Medindia’s support group hosts all the information you need on dental anesthetics and their usage.


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Middle-aged Adults Report Dental Pain and Poor Prevention
Many middle-aged adults report dental pain, embarrassment, and inadequate prevention, according to recent results from the University of Michigan Nati.....
Safety of Remifentanil to be Ensured Through New Anesthesia Dosing Models
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Repeated Anesthesia Exposure During Early Life May Impair Visual Recognition Memory
Visual recognition memory impairment may occur as a result of repeated exposure to a common anesthesia. This may persist long-term finds a new study f.....
Can Watching Movies Replace General Anesthesia for Kids With Cancer?
Kids with cancer often undergo much pain in their initial years of life. Radiotherapy that requires dozens of doses of general anesthesia could be rep.....
World Parkinson’s Day 2017- Medindia Exclusive Interview With Dr. B. Gangadhar
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