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Till date, the cause of eclampsia remains unknown. Yet, it has been understood that if pre-eclampsia is not controlled, it can lead to eclampsia. Though very few cases of eclampsia are reported in India, a high risk of pre-eclampsia is usually associated with pregnant women who are too young (teenage) or too old (over 40 years of age), and in women with hypertension or kidney disease, among others.

Every pregnant woman must keep herself informed about the dangers of eclampsia, especially in a first-time pregnancy. For more details on the condition and its prevention, join our support group today.


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Link Between Preterm Birth Risk and Pre-eclampsia
Women who gave birth to a premature baby after developing pre-eclampsia were 17 times more likely to experience another preterm birth if pre-eclampsia.....
Pre-Eclampsia Might be Prevented With Low-dose Aspirin
Individuals at high risk for pre-eclampsia may benefit with the use of low-dose aspirin after 12 weeks of gestation as per The U.S. Preventive Se.....
Increased Pre-eclampsia Risk in COVID-19 Affected Pregnant Women
Pregnant women infected by the novel coronavirus have a high chance of developing pre-eclampsia, according to a review of the scientific literature pu.....
Half of Moms-to-be with Pre-Eclampsia Miss Out on Preventive Aspirin
Half of the pregnant women who are at risk of pre-eclampsia are missing out on aspirin that can help prevent the condition, reports a new study. The f.....
Air Pollution Boosts Pregnancy Hypertension Risk
Traffic-related air pollution was found to increase a pregnant woman's risk for hypertension, stated new report from the National Toxicology Program (.....

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