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Diet and nutrition :
Organic Foods

Organic foods are grown without the aid of artificial chemicals like fertilizers and pesticides and (for animals) antibiotics or growth hormones. They are better for health than non-organic foods, which even with thorough washing and cooking, contain residues of these chemicals.

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Exposure to Certain Pesticides Triples the Risk of Cardiovascular Death
People who have high levels of illness to pyrethroid insecticides are three times more likely to die of heart disease than people with low or no expos.....
Pesticide Exposure May Up Heart Disease, Stroke Risk
  • Spraying pesticides can pose a great threat to human heart health
  • Pestic.....
Exposure to Pesticides during Pregnancy can Change Teen's Brain Activity
Exposure to pesticide chemicals in the womb can alter teen’s brain activity, reports a new study. The findings of the study are published in the journ.....
Health Risks for Intake of Red Chili With Carbofuran Pesticide Less Likely
Carbofuran residue ingestion through red chili does not have any recognizable health risks. The acute reference dose (ARfD) for carbofuran intake, a l.....
Consumption of Fertilizers Has No Link to Cancer Prevalence in Punjab: Government
Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar said in the Lok Sabha that the consumption of fertilizers has no link to the prevalence of cancers in .....

Organophosphorus Poisoning
Organosphosphorus compounds are used as insecticides and chemical warfare. They are easily accessible, thus they are a commonly associated with suicides and accidental poisoning... Read More
Shopper’s Guide to Buying Organic Foods
Considering turning organic? Browse through to know more about some great benefits of going organic, and some points to remember... Read More
Organic Foods - 'Natural products'
Organic Foods are produced by the ‘natural method’, without the use of chemicals like pesticides, fertilizers or sewage sludge... Read More
Hookworm Infection - Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention
Hookworm infection, a parasitic intestinal infection is more prevalent in places with poor sanitation and hygiene as the hookworms spread through contaminated soil... Read More
Tips for Healthy Grocery Shopping
Healthy grocery shopping is not only about counting calories and checking food labels, but about selecting fresh and seasonal foods and cooking them right... Read More

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