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Prostate Cancer

Cancer of the male reproductive gland, the prostate, has now become increasingly common among middle-aged men. As it doesn’t reveal any symptoms until in its final stages, it is advisable for men over 50 years to regularly screen themselves for prostate cancer. Early detection and effective treatment can help stem the spread of the cancer.

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Prostate Cancer Risk Can Be Lowered by Statins
Prostate cancer risk can be lowered in men by using statins. This new research could revolutionize and prevent prostate cancer occurrence.

Eating Mushrooms may Reduce Risk of Prostate Cancer
Eating mushrooms regularly may be associated with lower chances of developing prostate cancer, reveals a new study. The findings of the study are publ.....
Urine Biomarker Aids in Noninvasive Detection of Prostate Cancer
Novel prostate cancer gene fusion involving KLK4 protein coding gene and KLKP1 pseudogene forms a unique biomarker. This can be detected in the urine .....
Breast & Ovarian Cancer Drug is More Efficacious in Advanced Prostate Cancer
Olaparib, the drug used to treat breast and ovarian cancer among women, found to be more effective than modern targeted hormone treatments in slowing .....
New Hope for Patients With Metastatic Prostate Cancer
  • Precision therapy can now treat advanced metastatic prostate cancer

Spices Boost Your Health
Spices have been used in ancient medicines to cure a wide range of diseases. They are a part of our home-remedy. Science is exploring more about the health benefits of spices today... Read More
External Beam Radiation Therapy for Prostate Cancer
In depth information about various types of external beam radiotherapy for treatment of prostate cancer. Radiotherapy is an alternative to surgical treatment such as radical prostatectomy... Read More
Proton Beam Therapy for Cancer Treatment
Proton therapy is a form of radiotherapy for cancer treatment which uses a proton beam that is targeted precisely on the tumor cells, destroying them with minimal damage to surrounding healthy tissue. Proton therapy can treat various types of cancer... Read More
Prostate Specific Antigen [PSA] & Prostate Cancer Diagnosis
PSA blood test is specific to prostate gland but not necessarily a cancer specific test but is commonly used to diagnose prostate cancer. .. Read More
Prostate Cancer | Cancer of Prostate - Incidence, Prevention, Causes, Symptoms & Treatment
This cancer affects men over the age of 50 years and screening with rectal examination and PSA can help both in early detection and effective treatment .. Read More
Medical Management of Prostate Cancer
Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer in men after skin cancer and it is the sixth leading cause of death in men worldwide... Read More
Prostate Cancer: Treatment Options - Surgery, Radiation Therapy, Hormone Therapy
Treatment options of prostate cancer includes waiting, surgery, radiation, hormone therapy, chemotherapy, cryosurgery or biologic therapy... Read More
Prostate Cancer Screening
PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) test and Digital Rectal Examination are two tests that allow detection of prostate cancer at early stages... Read More
Prostate Biopsy-Preparations-Risks-Complications-Procedure-FAQ
Encyclopedia section of medindia gives general information about prostate gland.. Read More
Drugs for Prostate Cancer - Treatment, Side Effects & Precautions
Prostate cancer is the main cause of cancer death in men. One of the treatment method includes prescribing chemotherapeutic or hormonal drugs. These are prescribed depending on the type and stage of cancer... Read More

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