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Posted by sureshwebs on Wed, 08 Jul 2009         
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BENEFITS OF DRINKING WATER ON EMPTY STOMACHDRINK WATER ON EMPTY STOMACHIt is popular in Japan today to drink water immediately after wakingup every morning. Furthermore, scientific tests have proven its value.We publish below a description of use of water for our readers. Forold and serious diseases as well as modern illnesses the watertreatment had been found successful by a Japanese medical society as a100% cure for the following diseases:Headache, body ache, heart system, arthritis, fast hear... Read More
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4 Comment(s)


12 Apr 12
10:36 AM

Is this referring to alkaline water? I know it is a lot more popular in Japan but catching on in other countries.


18 Dec 11
10:35 AM

Awesome article!!!! A heartly thanks for posting the same!


26 Nov 09
10:05 PM

continued post - 5. Then thereafter engage in further prostrations for a while till shortly before dawn. 6. Later before the dawn appears, eat 7 dates. 7. Thereafter (throughout the day) try to drink water at room temperature only (or if it has to have a chill – use a natural leather goatskin water bag or a natural unbaked clay water jug – store overnight and use nest day). 8. Never drink immediately after a meal. Try to drink before any meal or at least one or two hours after any meals and try not to eat in between meals. 9. Some have said to: a. To drink before the meal will bring blessings (barakat) in ones health. b. To sip a little during a meal may serve to be medicinal. c. To drink immediately after the meal is poison. 10. Finally, without giving specific names to all the health complaints and conditions. BE CONSISTENT WITH THIS DAILY AND WITH CONVICITION !!! Overall health with improve and sicknesses will subside, if the Creator wills. Mansur FILE: Drinking Water on an Empty Stomach – REVISITED from a Brief Insight to The Creator & the Sunnah Perspective


26 Nov 09
10:03 PM

786 Thank you for your concern and the efforts made to educate others about the benefits of drinking water on an empty stomach. There are some very aspects of what has been stated in your brief article that need to be revisited. Likewise, the results for all cannot be definitely assured because everything is in the hands of the Creator. As we are all (men, women & children) created beings, it is essential that we look to the guidance of our Creator in all matters. Even the simplest of devices, to the most complex, such as a can opener to a automobile, airplane or computer, comes with a manual of instructions from the manufacturer. This is why Messengers and Apostles (Prophets) were sent to us by our Creator to show us the best way to lead our lives for success in this world and also the hereafter. I limit this response to the life of this world only and just a small glimpse and hurriedly written response in regards to what has been prescribed from divine sources for our food and drink (water) and exactly when and how we should go about this is very important requirement of life. Based upon the final testament, the revelation “al-Qur’an” and traditions related by the final Messenger, the importance of water cannot be denied. The best water is pure, running water from an underground spring, next would be above ground, etc. Some points to revisit and additional aspects for needed improvement in health would be to actually: 1. Arise from nightly sleep early, in the last third of the night. 2. "Rinse the mouth out, (immediately upon arising from sleep) clean the teeth with a natural tooth-stick (miswak, siswak, etc) and perform an ablution wherein one washes (with only plain water) the face, moisten the hands and rub over the head, ears and back of the neck, wash the hands and arms up to and including the elbows and finally wash both feet, up to and including the ankles. (All done with plain water only !) Please also note the following: a. When a person wakes from overnight sleep, harmful bacteria in the mouth is present. Some researchers state that the bacteria count is greater in abundance than bacteria to be found in ones’ stool / feces. b. The nasal passage should also be cleared as it is generally blocked and inhibits breathing. c. The body should be engaged in various movements, prostration, etc. to optimize the state of being of health. 3. Next it would be most efficacious if one will reflect on his/her being created and then prostrate in prayer before the Creator in a very brief series of movements. This also removes the feeling of tiredness throughout the day. 4. Next one should drink some warm water (about 16 OZ) with a few spoons of honey. a. Honey is a cure. b. When honey is combined with warm water it serves to affect the complete digestive system and rid it of harmful bacteria. c. All sickness and diseases stem from the stomach 5. Then thereafter engage in further prostrations for a while till shortly be

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