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How Can Horseback Riding Be A Real Good Health Therapy?

Posted by subnirmala on Sat, 20 Mar 2010         
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Horseback riding is a indeed a very good form of physical therapy for people with a wide range of physical, emotional, cognitive and social special needs. Yes, horses have been used in animal assisted therapy and could do a lot for children to improve from the physical, emotional, mental and social health and has also been useful to riders of all age groups in improving and treating various other disorders too.


Therapeutic horseback riding is therapeutic and helps autistic children to get focus and attention skills and helps them relax. The autistic child develops a special bond with the horse. The horse does not pass judgment on any of their activities nor punish nor scold them, nor make them feel stupid. So the child is able to develop self-confidence and trust, which helps in developing communication skills by talking with ones horse. Looking after the needs of ones horse makes him feel more relaxed too.


In addition, riding helps a lot in motor planning, to build balance and concentration. Yes a young rider said her first words at the age of four when she was riding on horseback and it was, "I love you" to the horse, which lead to faster and further developments. Riding is considered as a form of recreational therapy that is really enjoyable and is used to improve the quality of life of people with degenerative diseases and as a fun therapy for children and adults alike. Riding on horseback is a rapidly growing diversified field and has been recognized for its effectiveness by doctors, therapists and Para-medical people alike.


Yes horseback riding, as a therapy has not left patients of cerebral palsy without any benefit. Horse riding has helped patients of cerebral palsy in the transit from the wheel chair to a walker and then to crutches by helping them to hold themselves erect. In addition when the horse stops walking when a person with a bad balance is helped to balance oneself better thereby strengthening ones vesicular system. Also people with weak body awareness are also able to make self-correcting responses.


It's true horse riding is considered as a therapeutic animal assisted therapy. This therapy is in line with many other therapies like canine therapy and dolphin therapy, however horse riding as a therapy provides for not only the benefits of a special bonding with an animal but also provides the benefit of the motion of the horse, coupled with increase in concentration to acquire riding skills and an increase in communication skills which is acquired by talking to the instructor and therapist. This has benefited many people with different disabilities.


Yes, you are perfectly right horse therapy involving movement of the horse has helped many people of all ages to benefit from exercise to the back, buttocks, legs, ankles, knees, hips; in fact it benefits all the small muscles and joints throughout the body as riding influences ones full body.  This therapy of riding on horseback has helped a number of people with neurological and joint disorders along with immobility and balance.



You sure can help people with cognitive and sensory disabilities by horseback riding, These include disorders like: mental retardation, autism, brain damage, Down Syndrome, developmental disorders, ADD/ADHD, dyslexia and learning disabilities. The act of horseback riding requires attention, reasoning power, memory and concentration, besides helping in other aspects knowledge building and intellectual stimulation. A horse’s motion, feel, smell and sight of the horse helps the rider to focus on sensory information and gives the student time to process this information.


To conclude, all people with emotional, social and psychological disorders would benefit from horseback riding, Yes it is a good therapy; leads to increased confidence and self-concept and promote social stimulation. Horseback riding demonstrates to one and all about the important attributes of a fruitful relationship. Yes riding horseback enables and empowers people to connect on the personal level. And lastly the unpredictable nature of animals makes for illustration of real life situations where people get over their fears and are able to make adjustments easily in their lives.

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