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Top Homeopathic Medicines for Hair Loss!

Posted by DrShreya on Tue, 15 Mar 2011         
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Hair fall is one of the commonest symptoms with which patients present to us. Sometimes it is an associated symptom of some other major disease symptom or it is the disease per say. I have not observed any age limit for this problem. Rather, the age limit is decreasing sadly day by day for hair problems. Earlier hair troubles usually used to start during mid thirties, but today many teenage girls and boys complain of some or the other hair problems. The major complaints about hair are hair fall,... Read More
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6 Comment(s)


26 Jun 15
11:41 PM

i am an engg student.i am 23 years old .I am suffering from my hair loss since 2009 till today.I have use many medications but none of those helped me.I have visited a hair transplant center which is near my home and they said that they will give some medicines and after 6 months my hair will come back and will have a full head hair and according to them my hair had grown but as i stopped taking medicines my hair started to fall out and still falling .i don't know what to do .I am loosing my confidence.Please help me .


23 Jun 15
5:19 PM

Dear Doctor,Hello from Vancouver, Canada. I am a 34-years-old Indian man who came to Canada 2 years ago. I am suffering from a constellation of symptoms for the last 11 months. One of them is bald spots on beard, moustache, knees, and side head near forehead. It all started due to 3 major reasons:1) Exposure to extreme cold (-52 c) after climate change from India to Canada.2) Too much anxiety due to spouse infidelity3) Onset of IBS, Malabsorption, and wheat intoleranceMy other symptoms are extreme fatigue, bone pain, muscle cramps, significant weight loss (13 kgs), skin problems, IBS, bad sleep, balance problem at times, bad sleep, bleeding gums, and weak teeth. All started in the same week.My parents are very healthy with no hair issues. As per you, which homeopathhic medicine best suits me ? One American doctor gave me acidum phosphoricum 6x for all the problems. He said take 1 pellet only and wait for 14 days. If improvement happens, continue else leave. I did not see any improvement ( but I did not notice hair) and I discontinued. Do you think was the right medicine for Hair atleast ?Pls advise doc !Patient.


22 Aug 13
10:31 AM

Great info about medicines for hair loss. This post really helped especially who are experience hair loss.


22 Nov 12
10:58 PM

@ ankss- well that you will have to ask your homeopath to be precise, because he or she is the one who delves deep into your entire case history, the innate causative factors, miasmatic overload, and many other things that are necessary to arrive at the diagnosis of deep-acting remedies like Phosphorus and Acid phos. But all I can say is that if your problem is chronic, still higher potencies need to be administered to act well on subtler plane and bring about positive results consistently, without relapse.


22 Nov 12
10:48 AM

I have been advised to take Phosphorous (200) and Acid Phos (200) medicines...both 1 drop each every fourth day for the problem of hairfall and dandruff.....when i expect the results??? it has already been 15-20 days and i m not seeing much of improvement...


27 Jul 11
12:24 AM

i am 25 yr old female plz tell me how to use these medicines for alopacia by rubbing or? plz tell me bcoz am getting ridd off the clinics and hospitals since last 5 yrs for alopacia treatment

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