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MedBlogs for the masses


Posted on Sat, 14 May 2011

I find MedBlogs an excellent place to share medical knowledge and some expertise. Many of us (including myself) are medical professional who have least time for blogging activity. However, diseases li...

How much alcohol is good ?


Posted on Thu, 20 Jan 2011

Alcohol is subject of many discussions. Two questions are commonly asked by people when I talk to them about alcohol. First, is not alcohol good? Second, how much alcohol one should take. Answer for t...

Allergy : is your face cream responsible ? maintain allergy sensitivity card.


Posted on Mon, 03 Jan 2011

Allergy can be because of thousands of different reasons and having allergy due to face cream is nothing new to talk about. Recently a patient visited me with complaint of running nose and asked for s...

Medical practice : truths about


Posted on Wed, 29 Dec 2010

There are certain truths about medical practices which we as doctors, our employers, our patients, their relatives and the employer of our patients; often see, feel, think and talk but never venture t...

Who is negligent, doctor or the patient or patient relative


Posted on Sun, 26 Dec 2010

It is not only the doctor who is sometimes negligent. Well, negligence and other related things are a topic by it-self. Here, we are looking at samething with a different mirror. I have loads of exper...

Yoga, meditation, exercise, nutrition, sanitation and health


Posted on Wed, 22 Dec 2010

Thinking about health of India, one is carried away by wild imaginations ranging from SRI SRI RAVISHANKAR's AOL, to Baba Ramdev, exercise classes on TV and clubs abound with exercises and nutritional ...

Breast cancer : how to detect it early


Posted on Sat, 27 Nov 2010

Many a times I am asked to take lectures and arrange breast examination and mammography camps to allay fear of common groups that they do not have cancer breast. I do them, at the end of it I have to ...

Anemia :Commonest Reason in India


Posted on Fri, 26 Nov 2010

Text book answers to this question is Nutritional and in case of women menstrual blood loss combined with nutritional. My question is, if it is nutritional then why it takes too long even after iron a...

Anemia : treatment for


Posted on Fri, 26 Nov 2010

Recently i have two anemic patients. Aged between 56 and 58. Both are alcoholic. Takes frequent medication for pain abdomen and backache. There hemoglobin was going down and down. No occult blood, GE ...

Anemia- the commonest health problem


Posted on Sun, 10 Oct 2010

Anemia i.e. less haemoglobin in the blood is one of the commonest problems in India. Do I have anemia ? You want to find out. Go by these simple steps. (a) Answer if u have any of the following : (i) ...

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