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Trauma and Injuries :
Accident and Trauma Care

The word "trauma" refers to a wound or an injury, whether psychic or physical. ‘Accident’ refers to an unexpected, unforeseen and unfortunate event. Most accidents are preventable, or at least, the damage can be minimized if we act fast.

Learn what steps to carry out in case of accidents, heart attacks, strokes etc and train yourself to save lives.


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Asked By : natalia1982

Asked on : 28 Sep 2012   

My brother in law was in a really bad skate boarding accident 4 months ago. He fell several times off his skate board, well the last time he was knocked unconscious.He was rushed to a hospital,drs said it was unlikely he would even survive the night, he had brian surgery as soon as he arrived to relieve the swelling and was in a medicially induced coma. Now 4 months later, he has a lot of movement, he opens his eyes. It seams like he is trying to follow the vioce when someone speaks to him, but his tempature keeps spiking. His blood preasure gets dangerously low then later in the day it will get really high. We are afraid he may have a heart attack. Is all this normal? Part of the coma?

Asked By : sushil1957

Asked on : 28 Oct 2011   

My nephew Rajiv 36 was badly injured in road accident on may 23, 2011. He got diffuse axonal injury and multi focal hematoma. He opened eye on 7-6-11. In process of recovery, suddenly on 20-6-11, he became severe hypoxic. Sliped again in coma. after 15 days opened eye, but limbs not active, but has good sensation. Eye ball fixed. Then after 4.5 monts has passed. Present position is eye ball moves, not verbal responce, no all four limb movement, but have sensation. responce given by eye some times only. Physiotherepy continues at CMC vellore. pl. give some suggestions and what is the future.

Asked By : vijayawadaguy

Asked on : 20 Nov 2010   

how to assist a trauma victim? (because recently i saw to accidents. In both, people were left alone on road by all. The most i can do then is to call for an ambulance. Fortunately,in both the accidents, people were not injured severely. But in case of trauma how can i assist them before an ambulance comes)

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