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Heart, Blood and Circulatory System :
Blood Group

The ABO blood group system was discovered by Karl Land Steiner in 1901. This system has classified blood into different types, based on the red blood cells (erythrocytes) and the proteins on their surface. Of the various types of red blood cell antigens - the ABO and rhesus types are the most important.

For all the information you require on blood groups and their newest subdivisions, our support group is where you will find it!


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Coronavirus: People with Blood Type A More Vulnerable
Your blood group can make you more vulnerable to the new coronavirus (COVID-19) infection, reveals a new study. People with blood group ‘A’ are more a.....
Kidney Transplants for Minorities With Different Blood Type Are ‘Safe’
  • Patients from minority populations could safely get kidney transplants from deceased donors with dif.....
Determining Mysterious Blood Type Xga Using Genetic Typing
The mystery behind the mysterious blood type – Xga has been solved by a research team at the Lund University.

In case of a blood transfusion,.....
Your Blood Group Determines Whether You Will be Attacked by Ticks
Type A blood group people are more at risk of being bitten by a tick, including the ones that cause Lyme disease, found researchers.

Diarrheal Severity can Depend on an Individual’s Blood Type
  • More severe diarrheal symptoms associated with a type of E. coli infection have been .....

Bombay Blood Group
Bombay blood group is a rare blood type in which the people have an H antigen deficiency. They can receive or donate blood only with other individuals with the same blood group... Read More
Blood Groups
The blood group of a person is determined by the presence or absence of certain inherited antigenic substances and certain acquired antibodies in blood... Read More
Blood Group Diet
What is right diet for you may be the wrong one for another. The diet that suits you will depend on your blood type. This diet is called the blood group diet... Read More

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