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Mental health and addiction :

Cannabis, or marijuana, is one of the most popular psychoactive recreational drugs. It’s obtained from the flower of the cannabis plant. Regular use of cannabis is associated with respiratory problems, lung cancer, and heart and mental health problems.

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1. What is marihuana?

Marihuana is an assortment of the dried and shredded leaves, stems, seeds, and flowers of the hemp plant scientifically called Cannabis Sativa.

2. Where did the word marijuana come from?

The word marijuana is a Mexican slang term that became popular in the late 1930s in America, following a series of media and government programs, which are now commonly referred to as the Reefer Madness Movement

3. How is it used?

It is generally used in the form of a cigarette, but many users have various ways to use the drug, and many also use it in preparation of food, or often use it while making tea.

4. Is Marihuana addictive?

It is generally considered more a habit-forming drug than an addictive drug. People who use it in long-term tend to get habituated, meaning, they use the drug compulsively even though it often interferes with family, school, work, and other activities.

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