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Relationships and Sexuality :
Condoms And Contraception

Condoms and contraception are methods of birth control. Condoms also offer protection from sexually transmitted diseases. Most methods of contraception are safe and have few side effects, but they need to be used properly to be effective.

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Self-injectable Contraception Emerging as an Option for Women
A new contraceptive option provides a possible answer to an age-old question in family planning: how to address barriers that make it difficult for wo.....
Infertility and Contraception are Gaining Importance in India
People are not only being aware about psychological health, but are also reaching out to doctors regarding infertility and contraception in India, rev.....
New Smart Condom Can Rate Your Performance
The makers of the world’s very first smart condom, a company called British Condoms have revealed how a new condom helps in assessing the performance .....
World Contraception Day: ‘It’s Your Life, It’s Your Responsibility’
  • World Contraception Day raises awareness about contraception among young people
Adopt Safe Birth Control and Contraception Options
World Contraception Day (WCD) takes place on September 26th every year. Launched in 2007, WCD’s mission is to improve awareness of contraception and t.....

Sex Education For Teenagers
Encyclopedia section of medindia explaining about Why Sex Education Is Required For Teenagers?.. Read More
Safe Sex
Sex is fun but involves health risks such as sexually transmitted diseases (STDs or unplanned pregnancy specially in those who have multiple partners or in those having unprotected sex... Read More
Safe, Effective Male Contraceptive Pill - The Long Wait
A lot of research is going on all over the world to create a male birth control pill and soon, it could become a reality... Read More
Intrauterine Device - One of The Most Reliable Methods of Contraception
An intrauterine device is a long-acting birth control coil inserted into a women's uterus to prevent pregnancy. It is a safe and effective birth control method... Read More
Condoms and Contraception-Types-Proper Use-Storage-Advantages-Disadvantages-FAQ
Condoms are an effective form of contraception. Condoms have been used for the past 400 years. They have been one of the most popular methods of contraception since the 19th century... Read More

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