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Gastrointestinal System :

Pancreatitis is inflammation of the pancreas, the gland behind the stomach which produces the acids used to digest food. Alcohol abuse, enzyme disorders, viral infections, and some medicines can lead to pancreatitis. The main symptoms are severe abdominal pain with diarrhea and vomiting.

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Asked By : Anonymous

Asked on : 28 Aug 2011   

Does chlorpheneramine is useful in acute pancreatitis

Asked By : pancpain

Asked on : 04 Jun 2010   

Has anyone heard about P-Divisum/Divisium?

Asked By : rajesh60

Asked on : 25 Mar 2010   

My relative who is a female child aged 15 years, suffered from pancreatis about 5 years back. She was admitted to hospital for 10 days where doctors managed her pain only. Now she has some pain in abdomen, it is diagnosed she has choledochal cyst Type IVA. Doctors suggest she should be operated upon and her INtrahepatic, UBD and Common bile Duct including gall bladder should be removed. As it is a major operation, I want to know who is best surgeon in Delhi or in India for this kind of surgery. Moreover I want to know if DUCTS are removed then surgically from small intestine a piece would be removed and surgically another DUCT will be created and put between Liver and DOUDENUM and how pancreas duct will be joined with this surgically created duct or it will be straight connected to DUODENUM. Nature has given us Ampulla and sphincter which open when DUCT sends bile and enzyem into doudenum and then it closes preventing back flow of DUODENUM content into BILE. After surgery how such back flow will be prevented and what precautions surgeon take that BILE does not leak?
Even if best surgeons are avaialble abroad, their names and hospitals details may please be provided.
If someone has already experienced this situation, his experience will be of great value.

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