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Phimosis or circumcision is the surgical removal of the foreskin, which covers the head of the penis. Usually, this is done for religious or cultural reasons soon after a baby boy is born. Some people also do it for reasons of hygiene or health if the child seems prone to urinary tract infections.

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1. Which doctor should I meet for the complaint of tight foreskin?

You can meet a General physiican or an Urologist.

2. Is it true that following surgery (circumcision) adult males are made temporarily impotent?

This is untrue. After circumcision the glans is very sensitive to the atmosphere upto three months and during this period a person may not have erection.

3. Can circumcision prevent cancer of penis?

It is true that if circumcision is done just after birth as in Jews, this can prevent cancer of penis in adults however if it is done in boyhood (as in muslims) there is no difference to cancer of penis

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