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Priapism is a condition when a man’s penis is erect for over four hours without sexual stimulation or desire. It is a medical emergency. If it is not treated, it can lead to permanent erectile dysfunction.

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Asked By : Wallacw

Asked on : 20 Sep 2011   

I'm 30 yrs old got priapism due to injection that i was need for it as i was very healthy.the emergency of hospital injected me to release and after twice of that injection and put ice of it, my penis has reliefed.the problem is it took me 5 hurs to get released of priapism.now after one year iam suffering from clear change in my sextual life.not become erected for long time as used to be and also the shape of my penis while not erected bcome always tend strongly to left side.i got three inecteion in right side.I will be appericated to tell me what the worst outcoms of priapism for 5 hours and is there any treatment for real recovery or even get better...thank you in advance.

Asked By : Wallacw

Asked on : 08 Sep 2011   

I got priapism due to injection for doppler that I was not need it at all.Pripism last for 5 hurs uesin injection with relaxtion substance and ice on the penis until erected release.Since this action and I lost the daily morning erection, its become rarely and couldn't stand erected for long time as I used to be before.My doc suggest that I have little fibrosis.my question.does this fibrosis extend by time or heal specially one year left w/o recovery.is there any treatment for my case?

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