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Mental health and addiction :
Sexual Deviance

Sexual deviance refers to sexual behavior that is very unusual, harmful or humiliating to at least one person involved, and generally considered morally wrong. Pedophilia, voyeurism, and sadism are examples of sexual deviance.

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Asked By : babukj

Asked on : 30 Jan 2013   

I do not know whether I can ask this question in this column...but all the same let me try
I am very much interested in sexual intercourse. My partner also has the same feeling... But I am unable to satiate her thirst. I am unable make erect my pennis. Kindly help me... make her happy and also make myself happy

Asked By : Banday

Asked on : 09 Feb 2013   

i have sperm leaking problem whenever i talked my fiancy or some bad idea came in my mind i get leaked some sperms due to which i feel weakness, please assist me to get rid this issue..

Asked By : johnny85

Asked on : 14 Feb 2013   

I will describe you my situation in many details as I can remember. I had protective (condom) oral sex (giving) with unknown man of unknown HIV status. It lasted couple of minutes, and he did not ejaculate at all. The condom I believe did not burst, but it was dark, and I could not tell for sure.

Four days later I began feeling sick, and had low fever. On the fifth day, fever was getting worse (101.8) and lasted for day and a half like that. Although it is flu period currently, I am a little bit scared, but also there were some good reasons for me to catch flu certainly.

I did not have sore throat (just a little bit), no skin rash, and no swollen lymph nodes. Also on the 6th day after possible infection, I did not have fever at all. I feel tired a little bit, but I believe it is bcs of the fever.

I have read on the Internet that ASR symptoms develop from 2-4 weeks after possible infection and not this soon. Is this true? Also, could you please tell me what was my risk in your opinion?

Thank you very much

Asked By : Anonymous

Asked on : 21 Nov 2012   

One of my friend munib does not get those jerks during ejaculation while having intercourse with his wife, with the result he does not enjoy his sexual act. He has two sons and he says he had this problem from the 1st day of marriage. He is 38 yrs old. My another friend is a doctor who prescribed him medicine cobamet. Want to know whether it will help him and when and for how much time he needs to take it. And whether it has got any side effects

Asked By : sann15

Asked on : 27 Nov 2012   

Last 5 years I am doing masturbate.now my penis is too small in size? next year i want to marry but how can i increase my penis size??

plz help me..

Asked By : Apkkhan

Asked on : 28 Nov 2012   

Is the sex duration will same between handjob and female intercourse

Asked By : Anonymous

Asked on : 01 Sep 2012   

I want to know a quetion that can i take any type of medicine or used oil or spray for a long pleasure while i take pleasure with out this .

Asked By : Anonymous

Asked on : 19 Sep 2012   

I am a 22 year old male.Recently i am experiencing a kind of burning sensation on my penis and shrinking type of pain in my scrotum for a short period of time after masturbation. I just happened to notice a small deposition of white substrate under my foreskin. Kindly tell me what is this. Is this some kind of infection and what can i do? Thanks in advance

Asked By : rajatentering

Asked on : 02 Oct 2012   

dear doctor
i am 29 male.
i had a exposure with a sex worker on 1st may 2012.
though i used a condom but unfortunately didnt use it properly. i removed condom after few strokes of intercourse (for a hand job activity) and re-used the same condom after some gap. i am not sure that if i used the same side or not. since it was my first exposure, so i wasnt very sure of things. also, their was no smooch/ kissing involved in the act.
after 10 days of this, i noticed a change in my bowel movements (frequent) and had some bad throat. i went to a GP, and he advised me to take PEP. i took PEP for 2 days and then stopped after advice of some other GP.
after that i did CMIA test on (always from the same lab)
23 may/ 10 june/ 23 july/ 10 aug. 10 sept/ 18 sept----
index value---- 0.11/ 0.25/ 0.33/ 0.55/ 0.57/0.52.
cbc/ lft/kft are normal over this period.
changes in overall health:
bowel movements are more frequent (twice a day--i was a chronic constipation patient before this)/ acidic stomach as never before/ recent eye infection (august)/ lymph nodes pain remained till june end/ these days a strange headache is hitting me. near neck and behind eyes. it keep coming and going. no fever is noticed. i am not on medication of any sorts.

please tell me if i have any reasons to worry? i am planning to get married. please tell me because one more step (1st one to go for sex with a prostitute!) could hit someone else's life too.

Asked By : Anonymous

Asked on : 01 Jul 2012   

Hi Doctor, 48 year old. Although satsified sex life, but any first time sex is of very short period. With Kohinor ET I got good support. Without condom. it is very instant. I have a date wih a new friend in next week & wants to be sucessful. Need immedaite support. Dabur Shillajeet Gold, Siperact 99, or any product of organic is useful & supportive ?. I failed with Kohinoor ET when tried with some one.

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