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Suicide, or the intentional killing of oneself, is more common than murder or killing in war. If someone talks about committing suicide, you need to take it seriously and either provide them emotional support yourself or refer them to others who can. Those who have lost loved ones and friends to suicide also need special support.

Join our online support group for people affected by suicide – both people who have considered it and for people whose loved ones have committed suicide.


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Increase in Minimum Wage Linked to Fall in Suicide Rate
Among people with high school education or less, a US$1 increase in minimum wage is associated with a fall in the suicide rate of between 3.5 and 6%, .....
Anti-Epileptic Drugs May Increase Suicide Risk
Three of the commonly used anti-epileptic drugs are linked with an increase in patients' risk of suicide. But, the risk is low and should be seen in c.....
Suicide Plays Smaller Role in Opioid Deaths Than Thought: Study
Only 4% of opioid-related overdose deaths are due to suicide--far below recent estimates of 20-30%, found Columbia researchers. The findings were publ.....
Research Focuses on Suicide Prevention by Artificial Intelligence
Can artificial intelligence help prevent suicides? Phebe Vayanos, assistant professor of Industrial and Systems Engineering and Computer Science at th.....
New Factors Linked to Suicide Discovered
In men, physical illness and injury was found to increase the risk of suicide, revealed study led by Boston University School of Public Health (BUSPH).....

Overview Suicide
Suicide is an act of ending one's own life and it usually results from emotional isolations and inability to adjust and cope with one's environment... Read More
Organophosphorus Poisoning
Organosphosphorus compounds are used as insecticides and chemical warfare. They are easily accessible, thus they are a commonly associated with suicides and accidental poisoning... Read More
Depression - Symptom Evaluation
Depression occurs due to alterations in the levels of neurotransmitters in the brain. .. Read More

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