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Mental health and addiction :

Suicide, or the intentional killing of oneself, is more common than murder or killing in war. If someone talks about committing suicide, you need to take it seriously and either provide them emotional support yourself or refer them to others who can. Those who have lost loved ones and friends to suicide also need special support.

Join our online support group for people affected by suicide – both people who have considered it and for people whose loved ones have committed suicide.


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Opioid Use Linked to High Suicide Intent
New study from Illinois finds that opioid use in youth is associated with mental health issues and other substance use.

Allen Barton, le.....
Suicide Prevention: Which Strategy Works Better?
Suicide mortality can be reduced by a Federally coordinated approach that has been proven scientifically, reveals a new study from Columbia University.....
Children of Depressed Mothers More at Risk for Suicide
Study shows that preventing loneliness in children with depressed mothers can reduce the risk of them developing suicidal thoughts and attempting suic.....
Suicide Worsens Neurocognitive Functioning
Family history of suicide attempts in the children and adolescents worsens their neurocognitive functioning such as, lower executive functioning, sh.....
Unmet Job Expectations Associated With Suicide
Some working-class men frustrated by unmet job expectations are more likely to suffer an early death by suicide or drug poisoning, revealed study led .....

Overview Suicide
Suicide is an act of ending one's own life and it usually results from emotional isolations and inability to adjust and cope with one's environment... Read More
Organophosphorus Poisoning
Organosphosphorus compounds are used as insecticides and chemical warfare. They are easily accessible, thus they are a commonly associated with suicides and accidental poisoning... Read More
Depression - Symptom Evaluation
Depression occurs due to alterations in the levels of neurotransmitters in the brain. .. Read More

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