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Beauty in your Cup


Posted on Wed, 28 Aug 2013

Shall I say beau-tea lies in your cup? Well I swear by it. I am talking about green tea.  Steaming your face with hot water with a tea bag dipped in it can do wonders to your skin. It can be used to c...

Premature Menopause


Posted on Mon, 26 Aug 2013

Premature menopause is also called Premature Ovarian Failure.  Premature menopause is the cessation of menses because the ovaries stop functioning even before you hit thirty.  Chemotherapy or pelvic r...

Calcium Confusion


Posted on Mon, 26 Aug 2013

The supplement you pop in every day may do more harm to you than good.  Several researches has pointed out that there is a possibility of heart risk from calcium pills. Calcium supplements also leads ...

Say Goodbye to Dry Hands


Posted on Fri, 23 Aug 2013

Harsh weather it extreme winter or extreme cold can leave your hands dull and flaky. The cuticles suffer a lot during the harsh winters and summers because they tend to dry up and they can pull away t...

Go Natural with your Skin


Posted on Thu, 22 Aug 2013

Using face mask is one of the fastest way to get a healthy glow to your skin.  You can apply a mask as often as once a week, but make sure that you gently cleanse your skin first so that the mask can ...

Some Simple Exercises with Props


Posted on Wed, 21 Aug 2013

Marichyasana or Chair Twist Sit upright, inhale and simply twist torso to left. Take your left hand and cling on to the back of the chair. Place your right hand on the left thigh, and gently turn the ...

Workout for those Lazy Girls like Me!


Posted on Mon, 19 Aug 2013

Are you one of those girls who hate to exercise and yet wants to look good. Try out these simple exercises and be careful with your diet. I swear it is going to do wonders on you. Sitting long hours i...

One is Joy


Posted on Mon, 12 Aug 2013

The fondest memories of my childhood are the times spent with my siblings. But as a child I always wanted and dreamt of being the single child of my parents where in I will get all the attention of my...

Food that will keep you Fit and Young


Posted on Thu, 08 Aug 2013

What you eat today is how you are going to lead the rest of your life.   So include a few good food in your diet.  Oats is one thing. Fiber-rich oats helps your body to stabilize blood sugar levels, a...

Ways to Keep your Brain Ticking


Posted on Tue, 30 Jul 2013

Sometimes we keep forgetting the names of our neighbours and even I have seen my father going to the extent of looking for his specs in spite of he wearing the specs. There are ways by which we can ke...

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