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Breast Feeding and Problems

Nursing mothers are often stumped when it comes to their problems related to breast feeding. The predicament women face ranges from the social, work-related, to the psychological and personal.

Open up about your concerns here, and hear what other nursing mothers have to say on issues related to breast feeding. This extensive support group will give you the much-needed answers you require.

Breech Presentation and Delivery

A breech presentation happens when the buttocks or the feet of a fetus, instead of its head, face the birth canal. Because the buttocks and feet may not provide a sufficient wedge to dilate the birth canal, there is more risk of harm to the baby during delivery. For this reason, most doctors prefer to deliver a baby with breech presentation by cesarean section.

Join our online group on breech presentation and delivery to meet other women who have gone through this and ask your questions to the experts.

Bruxism / Tooth Grinding / Jaw Clenching / Teeth Clenching / Parasomnia

Bruxism, or habitual teeth grinding, can damage the enamel and lead to oversensitive and abraded teeth and can also cause facial pain and headaches. When the tooth is hollow due to cavities, bruxism can lead to the collapse of the tooth. Bruxism is a compulsive habit as well as a sleep disorder, since many people grind their teeth in sleep.

Join our online support group for people coping with bruxism. Ask your questions to experts, share your experiences, and learn more.

Bubbles and Brews - Alcohol Facts

Alcohol is a part of many kinds of drinks: beers, wines, and spirits. Many people consider drinking alcoholic beverages a fashionable thing to do, but alcohol is addictive when you take too much of it, and alcoholism is a disease that destroys individuals and families.

Join our online group on alcohol. Ask questions, share experiences, and learn more.

Bulimia Nervosa

The term 'Bulimia' refers to episodes of uncontrolled excessive eating, known as "binges," followed by self-induced vomiting or purgation. It commonly occurs in adolescent girls and has now been fully recognized as an eating disorder.

All the information you require on bulimia nervosa can be found here at this support group. Also, share your experiences with others and let it be cathartic for you!


Burn injuries, today, is considered one of the most serious health cares problem in the world. It has only been in the past several years that the medical profession has begun to recognize and understand the problems associated with burns.

If you seek to better comprehend the severity and implications of several burn injuries, our support group on the subject is the place to be!

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