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Soy / Soya - A Holy Food

Soy was considered one of the five holy crops in China – it’s not difficult to see why. Soy and its products are used in hundreds of foods and non-food products. Soy milk is a milk substitute for those with dairy allergies, and because it is one of the few plant foods to contain all the amino acids, it is an important source of proteins for vegans.

Our online group on soy/soya will help you learn more about the holy food and how it can help you.


Spondydolisthesis is the slipping of part of the vertebrae of the spinal column so that they are out of place in relation to the vertebrae beneath. This can happen due to degeneration of the tissue or injury. It can cause debilitating back pain.

Join our online support group for spondydolisthesis to learn more about the condition, ask your questions to experts, and find treatment possibilities.


Spondylosis is degenerative arthritis or osteoarthritis that affects the spine. It causes the spine is loose its structure and can affect the neck, mid-back, or low-back regions of the spine. Usually, aging is the cause.

Our online support group for people with spondylosis will help you know more about the disease and get in touch with doctors or other patients.


Squint is a misalignment of the two eyes so that both the eyes are not looking in the same direction.This misalignment may be constant,being present throughout the day or may be intermittent. Strabismus is the medical term for the eye condition commonly called as squint, crossed eyes or deviating eyes.It occurs due to the improper alignment of the muscles that maintain the eyeballs ... Read More

Stress Incontinence

Stress incontinence is the most common type of urinary incontinence. Women are more prone to it than men. Urine "accidents" leave many women afraid to leave home. Thanks to advances in surgery, though, incontinence is no longer a life sentence. - Beth Bray - Senior NurseWhen the pelvic floor muscles, which supports the urinary bladder and the associated structures, are weakened, they become inca ... Read More

Stress Incontinence - Management

1.General physical examination 2.Routine blood and Urine test 3.Urine culture and Sensitivity 4.Radiological Investigation:    (X-ray/Ultrasound) 5.Urodynamics Test 6.Electromyogram 7.Cystoscopy ... Read More

Stuttering / Stammering

Stuttering happens when the flow of speech is disrupted by sounds that are repeated or prolonged. Most children outgrow stuttering, but some need specialized help from a speech therapist. Children who stutter are as intelligent as other children, but the stuttering itself may cause them to become more anxious or shy in social situations.

Join this online support group for stuttering to learn more from therapists and other parents and find out how you can help your child.

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome / Cot Death

Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) or cot death, happens when a healthy baby under the age of one year suddenly dies for no apparent reason. Usually the baby is discovered dead after being put to sleep in his cot – hence the name cot death. Making the baby sleep on its back reduces the risk of SIDS.

Join our online support group for families coping with SIDS. Ask your questions to experts, share your experiences, and learn more.


Suicide, or the intentional killing of oneself, is more common than murder or killing in war. If someone talks about committing suicide, you need to take it seriously and either provide them emotional support yourself or refer them to others who can. Those who have lost loved ones and friends to suicide also need special support.

Join our online support group for people affected by suicide – both people who have considered it and for people whose loved ones have committed suicide.

Super Foods

Super foods are foods that, if eaten regularly, lower the risk of many lifestyle diseases like heart disease and diabetes, improve immunity, and even, proponents claim, put you in a better mood. Broccoli, beans, peas, apples, oats, spinach, tea, and yogurt have been called super foods.

Talk with other interested people and professionals by joining our online group on super foods.

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