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Obesity is an accumulation of fat in the body to an extent that it reduces health and life expectancy. Being obese increases the risk for many diseases from cancer and diabetes to heart diseases.

Join the online support group for people dealing with obesity – you can meet others who have successfully reduced their weight, share problems, and meet doctors and professionals helping obese people.


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Asked By : Eureka20

Asked on : 03 Feb 2013   

I want to loose some weight.....the diet which I follow now consists of oats, fruits, cucumber, green tea and egg whites. I sometimes eat microwaved fish without any oil. Will this diet lead to weight loose? But when I feel hungry I eat Kellogg's corn flakes without milk as snacks....Will it result in weight gain? Is Nutrichoice Thin Arrowroot biscuit fatty?

Asked By : jemimahhernandez

Asked on : 15 Jan 2013   

Why Can't I Get Rid of My Belly and Thighs?

Asked By : Garvita11

Asked on : 14 Nov 2012   

I want to loose some weight & for that I do excercise about 3-4 days in a week which includes Cardio & gym. But I am not getting any satisfactory results so I want to ask can I take some fat burner & if yes then which one I can go for?

Asked By : micaela

Asked on : 04 Oct 2012   

i used to weight 54, now i weight 58 kg, i eat healthy and do a lot of sports. im 174cm. WHy do i keep gaining weight, is it because its muscle? also, my body fat percentage is 16% is that bad?

Asked By : FrancisAV

Asked on : 02 Oct 2012   

Dear Sirs, I have been very anxious to know more on how to help myself concerning weight loss. I have 104kg, and height is 174cm, and i have a broken thigh bone, now treating and needs to reduce drastically the weight. What do i do to take down this weigh by 25kgs more faster and have not to suffer from much hunger or any other deficiency ?? Thanks for whoever helps me. Francis A V

Asked By : shiloh18

Asked on : 16 Aug 2012   

Im 18 years old and im five foot seven. My current weight is 210 lbs. I was wondering that if i started to exercise regularly and going to the gym three times a week and i cut my calorie intake to 1200 calories a day, would that be healthy? And approximately how much weight would i lose?

Asked By : Rahman24

Asked on : 25 Jul 2012   

how can i lose weight...i have 700 calories a day ...but m having a sedentary lifestyle n i cnt change dat...plz tell me a way! i am right now 101.7 kgs n my height is 5'5"...m 30 yrs old and also i have uric acid kidny stone problem due to this problem i have too much pain in my right leg ankulam...plz tell me a good way!

Thank you very much

Asked By : Anonymous

Asked on : 18 Jul 2012   

how can i lose weight...i have 700 calories a day ...but m having a sedentary lifestyle n i cnt change dat...plz tell me a way! i am right now 58 kgs n my height is 5'2"...m 18 yrs old

Asked By : samashrita

Asked on : 13 Jun 2012   

how to deal with increasing weight????

Asked By : phnsai

Asked on : 09 May 2012   

Hi sir,

i was nearly 110 kgs weight .Started eating brown rice.Does it makes me somthing decrease weight .Please let me know

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