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Skin and Hair :
Skin Disease or Dermatology - Overview

Dermatology is branch of medicine dealing with skin, hair, and nails; their diseases, and the treatments for them. Dermatologists do cosmetic surgeries and treat baldness and skin cancers.

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Asked By : amitdalal

Asked on : 21 Mar 2013   

Hello Sir/Mam

Since last few years I'm having BLACK CIRCLES under my eyes. I had applied several Creams but none has resulted in providing a permanent remedy for the same. I sleep for at-least 6 hours in the night & can't sleep further more as I'm a Professional Guy who has get up early & catch the Train for going to the job.

Please help me in seeking a permanent solution for this cause as it doesn't look fine.

Amit Dalal

Asked By : tapasranjan

Asked on : 28 Feb 2013   

i am suffering from fungal-infection in my left-thumb nail.i want to be cured. have any medicine ?

Asked By : sanu85

Asked on : 09 Oct 2012   

iam 27 year old female. i have dark circle under my both eyes since 12 years. I have undergone all the treatments. Still it is not reducing and iam so tensed . Due to this my marriage also not happening. Plz help me doctor......

Asked By : ATHIRA

Asked on : 09 Jun 2012   

HI Sir/Madam ,

I am 20 years old and my face is oily and my whole body is dry . I have a problems of pimples , scars marks , dark under eye . i used ponds white beauty, but no change in my face . plz help

Asked By : priksandhariya

Asked on : 01 Jun 2012   

i am 24 year old and my skin is oily to dry..i am care Full about my skin i use garnier cream for daily use for skin twice in day drink plenty of water..and avoid junk and oily food and i use face mask twice in week for my skin..use natural vgetable mask on my skin still i get acne with pus in my face can u suggest me any medicine for this.

Asked By : simplycg

Asked on : 11 May 2012   

i was using gentopic cream for general skin problems . now the same has been stopped by company (systopic) .. can you please tell me the alternative of gentopic as this was very effective

Asked By : Rohit_777

Asked on : 16 May 2012   

Sir, I m 25 male, India, i having problem with growth of beard, i have beard on my chin and nech but I dont have beard on my face, i want growth my beard on face please tell me what to do? tell me any tablets or supplyment.

Asked By : Swateekishan

Asked on : 02 Nov 2011   

HI this is Swatee.I wanted to know whether there is any ointment to remove scar marks left by some wounds.

Asked By : mishaLL57

Asked on : 09 Aug 2011   

afemale patient having SLE, if any trament for the diease?it is acurrable?now the patient taking t.prednisolne 20 mg daily?expecting your advise,

Asked By : rishu_sweety

Asked on : 03 Sep 2011   

hii i am 27 years and fair complexion,this is related to dermatologist that i have one blackish brown spot which is not too dark but when i at rest position it appearns on my right abdomen part,it is some time itch and feel inside itching i mean like subcutaneous itching sensation,please help me

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