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Diet and nutrition :
Ideal Body Weight - A Massive Issue

The ideal body weight, medically speaking, is a range. If you go above or below it, your health could suffer. But most people of the same sex, height, and age, who weigh within the range will have no weight-related health problems. A person with an ideal body weight will have a BMI between 18.5 and 24.9.

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Asked By : poonamvirmani

Asked on : 31 Mar 2010   

My age is 30, weight is 85 and my height is 168 cm. I had put on weight only after my infertility treatment. I do not eat much, but i do not maintain timing in eating and i am finding time for walking. No exercise. Now i am very keen and sincere in losing my weight. Pls help me. If u can give me a calorie chart of indian food etc.

Asked By : shannon101

Asked on : 10 Mar 2010   

Ok im 14 and i need to lose weight, im not really over weight but im kinda a bit over weight. Any ways, i play alot of sport, im play camogie and football and boxing and i do cross country and athletics and i love p.e. but i always seem to binge on sweets and junk food and i want to be a p.e teacher when i grow up. but i need to loose some weight ..im about 4'8 and im 120 pounds and i love the shape of my legs, arms bum and so on but the only part i dont like is my stomach, i have to pick my subjects at school now and i have signed up for p.e and in april i have to do a fitness test to see if i am able for gcse pe snd i have to go to the swinning pool for part of it and i know that the boys will make fun of me ..i really need help please any sugestions at all will help .. thank you.

Asked By : gomes

Asked on : 24 Feb 2010   

My Son is 16months od aand is 10.3kg only. He never even increases 100gm also. He had denguein oct 2009 and fits in dec 2009. his birth wt was 3.25kg.advise me how can i increase his weight. what is the ideal weight for 16months baby.

Asked By : shobi123

Asked on : 15 Jan 2010   

How can i reduce my weight without effecting my health...i am a working women and always tries to eat a balanced diet i am not an over eater.My Weight-65Kg Height-5.4 Ft. Present Diet- Breakfast: morning breakfast consists of two dosa or 4 idlis or 4 slice of bread..

Asked By : sivakumar99

Asked on : 15 Jan 2010   

How can you modify my diet? What should be my ideal weight and What should be my total daily intake? Also what can i do to reduce my fat intake? Please tell me variety of foods to be taken everyday? Also let me know some low fat foods and recipes?I take alcohol occasionally.Lifestyle is sedentary.I had history of Kidney Stones and have Asthma too. My Weight-67Kg Height-5.7 Ft. Present Diet- Breakfast: Bed Tea without sugar,2 Paranthas Lunch: dal+vegetable+2roti Snacks: Sandwich Dinner: 1roti/rice +dal +vegetable

Asked By : pretz

Asked on : 15 Jan 2010   

I want to have diet plan for my sister that she can follow. She does not have a stable diet and most of the times only on fruit& salad,She reduces and then again keeps gaining.Her weight is-57Kg Height-5 ft Currently she follows the following diet regime Breakfast: tea, chappati/bread Lunch: rice, roti, curry, yoghurt/buttermilk, veggies cooked Snack: sweet milk tea, biscuits, chips Dinner -milk, fruits/salad.

Asked By : Anonymous

Asked on : 26 Nov 2009   

I am of 23 years old. I am 6ft height and weighs only 56 Kgs. Please tell me a solution so that I can put on some weight.

Asked By : Anonymous

Asked on : 11 Oct 2009   

Although i am taking good diet, I am undeweight.Could you please tell me the possible reasons or any special diet that i should include in daily routine

Asked By : Anonymous

Asked on : 08 Oct 2009   

need to know how to put on weight please suggest about that....

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